Iglesias & Ramos Serve Kate Upton. Francesca Serves Eggs.

YESTERDAY WE MUSED that the Cat Daddy dance ought to be renamed the Kate Upton because her version of it is one of the greatest short films ever made. Well, two really hot models, Melanie Iglesias (famous for flipbooks) and Lisa Ramos (famous for being Melanie’s best friend, co-starring in a flipbook, and America’s Next Top Model) show that they can do the Cat Daddy pretty well themselves:

Here’s Melisa Iglamos in a previous hot clip, The Melanie Iglesias Flipbook #2:

One of our favorite funny babes, Lauren Francesca, walks the fine line between parody and pandering with her breakfasty take on the Cat Daddy. Maybe she has a point — maybe all this Cat Daddying is beneath all of our intelligence.

Sorry, what did you say? We were looking at Lauren. How does she do that with her hair?

We don’t know much, but this is a whole damn lot of really sexy girls dancing for mankind’s enjoyment, so let’s hope it continues.

Here, for reference, is the original Kate Upton Cat Daddy: