Tuesday Totty: The Less than Triumphant Return of Iga Wyrwal

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“Wot the bloody ‘ell?”

You may remember a model named Eva or Eve Wyrwal, real name Iga Wyrwal. She was all over the British men’s magazines a year or two ago, and for good reason. She’s a gorgeous girl who happens to also look stunning naked. Perhaps these will refresh your memory, or at least pique your interest:

Nuts, June 2009, “50 Boobiest Blondes”

Iga Wyrwal

Nuts, August 2009, “Eva’s Naughty Nudes”

Iga Wyrwal

Nuts, October 2009, “Utterly Brilliant Breasts”

Iga Wyrwal

Nuts, May 2010, “Eva’s Big Boob Blowout”

Iga Wyrwal

Nuts, August 2010, “It’s Eva!”

Iga Wyrwal

No? Not a Nuts reader? How about this:

Front, March 2008: “Your new favorite girl”

Iga Wyrwal

Surely you saw her in this mag in 2008 — our Polish isn’t what it once was, but we believe the coverline reads:

CKM, “Bigski Boobski Babeski Iga Wyrwal”

Iga Wyrwal

Or this from just last year:

CKM, “Sweet Pierogis! Iga Wyrwal!”

Iga Wyrwal

Well certainly here’s a magazine you must recognize:


Iga Wyrwal
(Ok, it’s Polish Playboy, but still.)

You get the drift, even if you are lacking sophistication in your knowledge of European boobie magazines. She was kind of a big deal. Then she went and did something many women of her gender do: Got pregnant. And we didn’t hear a hell of a lot about her after that.

Then, yesterday, a tiny note on our facebook page, like the timid knock-on-the-door of a Girl Scout selling her first box of Samoas:

“Vote for Iga from Rugby in the Make Me the Next Model Competition here.”

We clicked through, expecting to see Iga running away with it, only to find her in 718th place. 718th place? What? Two years ago she is on the cover of every respectable big-titty magazine in the UK and now she’s struggling to make the top 700 of this whatever-it-is model search?

Do people not know that this is Iga Wyrwal? Sure, her current hairstyle, which we will call a MILF mohawk, makes her look a bit different:

Iga Wyrwal

What’s also different is the clothes — we don’t remember her wearing clothes. Hmm, so that’s what she looks like with clothes on. Interesting.

We don’t know that we — or any one website — could push Iga from so far back to the top. The contest ends in less than two days. The larger point here is that Iga Wyrwal is making a strange sideways return to modeling and she ought to know that a lot of people out there think this is a good idea. Even if she doesn’t win this contest, her fans (old and just-now-minted) very much do want her back in the game. For that reason, we say,