Ich bin ein Berlin Scott

Berlin Scott

In agreement.


When it comes to girls and watching them, we’re on the same wavelength as Shabooty.

Brittany Ireland? Love her. So does Shabooty.

Taylor Vixen? She can borrow a cup of sugar anytime.

Shay Maria? *side eye* Please.

So when Shabooty tipped us to his latest interview, one Berlin Scott, a fledgling Playboy model, we figured we’d like her. And we do. Some highlights from Shabooty’s chat:

On the girls:
“Are they real? Indeed. They are, they’re lovely, you should see them, haha. They’re good ones. … Yeah they’re definitely real. I get that question a lot, though.”

On taking naked pictures for the Bunny:
“I shot with Arny, and he’s their main photographer and he said he loved every minute of it, so knock on wood.”

On her own website:
“That’s something that should definitely be up and running, hopefully within the summer.”

She’s quite a talent considered these pictures are — let’s be honest — fairly crappy. But she is shooting for Playboy now and we expect big things.

Shabooty, until then — we’ll see your Berlin Scott and raise you a Leola Bell.