How Much Would You Pay to Get Into Jenna Jameson (‘s Car)?

Jenna Jameson's Range Rover

Place your bids—Jenna Jameson’s 2006 Range Rover is up for sale on eBay. At press time it hadn’t yet met its reserve, but screw that—for 70 grand it’s yours, done. Seller’s notes tell of a ding in a fender and “Custom 26′ rims by liquid. Over $25,000 in rims and tires alone!!” Whoa, now that’s what we call—wait for it—one serious rim job!

Ahem. Whatever she gets, it won’t match the pile she made the last time she sold a car on eBay. In 2008, she parted with her Lamborghini Murcielago for the buy-it-now price of $182,900.

Course, her boobs were bigger then, so there you go.

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