How I Spent My Summer, by Marsha Ann

Marsha Ann

Marsha Ann isn’t really famous. She’s been on TSJ before, and our best description of her is that she’s kinda, sorta a model but might really be happiest just skateboarding around San Francisco in her bikini.

She’s that girl. You know that girl. You’re driving along, got places to go — work, probably — it’s hot as a mofo in the middle of the summer and you look out the window and you see that girl. Hanging on her front stoop in daisy dukes petting her dog, packing her sun-bleached Civic hatchback for a drive to the beach, or even yes, skateboarding in her bikini, and you are filled with the sudden urge to abandon your entire life and just spend the afternoon with that girl. You don’t know who she is, where she’s going, what she’s like, but you’d like to tag along.

Marsha Ann tweets really good Instagram pictures (follow marshaann on Instagram or just get them through her Twitter @marshaann); here is the story of summer 2012 as enjoyed by a young bikini-wearin’, beer-shotgunnin’, dog-lovin’, bird-flippin’ American girl who criscrosses San Francisco on a skateboard that says SHOW ME YOUR TITS.