Enjoy These Sexy Pictures That Suck

Matt Blum, Censorship SucksPhotographer Matt Blum sent us some Vimeo videos that we like much. We’ve known Matt for a little while and this reminded us to mention another project he’s done. But first, enjoy the videos:


Seducción from Matt Blum on Vimeo.

“Student Body”

Student Body from Matt Blum on Vimeo.

Nice, right? Clean yet pretty sexy. We can dig clean and sexy. Clean and sexy beats censored and dirty any day. For proof see the the naked lady pictures below, Matt’s “Censorship Sucks” project. These pictures totally suck! They’re sort of hot, they would be hot, but no, they suck. A big black censorship bar is the ultimate buzzkill. We’re not telling you not to look at them, we’re just warning you they suck.

While still being kind of hot, in a sucky way.