Rain, Rain, Don’t Go Away

Hot Woman in Coat

Back when we were kids, rainy days were always welcome, and not just because we were able to play video games all day without your dad bitching at us to do something outside. The real reason we loved them was because they gave us the opportunity to see your mom nearly naked.

She sure loved her little Shih Tzu, so much that she named it “Precious.” She also loved taking baths on the days when she also was forced to remain indoors due to inclement weather. Knowing both of these things, we would hide Precious in the basement whenever it rained. Then we would run up to the bathroom, pound on the door and yell “we can’t find Precious, we think she got out of the yard!” In an instant, your mom would burst out of there wearing nothing but a towel, hurry down to the closet to put on her raincoat, drop the towel and run out the front door in search of her beloved dog.

We’d let her pace around in a panic for a few minutes before getting Precious out of the basement and saying we found her in the alley or something. By that time, we’d seen pretty much everything we wanted to see. We pulled that stunt about a half dozen times and it always worked to perfection.

Some people get bummed out by rainy weather. Not your childhood friends. Even now, it makes us smile, because your mom was hot!

Model: Miss June 1960 Delores Wells