In Praise of Sweater Weather

There’s a reason why, to this day, everyone in our circle of friends considers fall to be their favorite season. That reason, of course, is your mom.

She was all about putting away her summer clothes on the first day of autumn and getting out her assortment of sweaters in anticipation of colder weather ahead. Those sweaters were a tad musty after months in the attic, so a big part of her annual ritual was hand-washing them with Woolite and setting them out to dry in the back yard so they could soak up some of that fresh, outdoor aroma.

That was why we staged all of our pickup football games at your house. Because sometimes she wouldn’t bother to put anything on when she went to check on them.

So yeah. We’re all big fans of fall because your mom was hot!

Model: Miss May 1960 Ginger Young