Wednesday Wasabi: Post-Earthquake, Snapshots from Better Days

We were tempted to skip Wednesday Wasabi in light of the events in Japan. No doubt some people would want us to. It is a terrible and terrifying situation over there — from earthquake to tsunami to meltdown, it’s bad news, then worse news, then news that borders on the unthinkable.

This is no time to be ogling pneumatic Japanese babes in bikinis, some would no doubt say. Show some respect, they would say.

And yet. And yet.

And yet this is our particular brand of respect. If you believe as we do that the beauty of women and girls is the greatest thing in the world, the greatest natural resource of any country or continent, then we’ll carry on. If we do otherwise, the earthquake wins.

We don’t know much. We don’t know who’s safe and who’s in danger; who’s mourning lost family; who’s even alive to mourn. The best we can do is visit, an adult video company site where several of the leading stars keep blogs, to check for post-earthquake updates. And though the Google translations verge on gibberish, a few touching phrases do make it through.

from Nana Aoyama:

How are you?
I believe in me doing this blog.
On the 11th, there was a tremendous earthquake.
Earthquake which was my first premonition of death.
So too the shock, I thought I was the epicenter of it

I think it was a doomsday earthquake in Tokyo

from Hinata Komine:

Everyone is okay?
Now in the meantime, the sun is safe (´・ω・`)
I’m worried …

from Miki Ito:
Wandering through the room
Hands on the wall to blow
Place a broken fingernail
Aftershocks still
And then I
I worry I can not
Your injury or
Are you unable to
A lot of people
And I hurt,
… I fled …
I’m more affected,
If you’re hurt
We sympathy.
Who died,
Angel angel praying souls
I would like.

Wednesday Wasabi isn’t quite the same, and won’t be. But let us gaze upon these strange poets and send good vibes to Japan. You might also consider sending more than vibes, i.e. money, to the Red Cross or UNICEF.