Wednesday Wasabi: Why the US Will Always Lose to Japan at Cosplay

CosplayCosplay. What is it? Costume play — grown people wearing costumes based on cartoons or video games. Sometimes there is a sexual element, but sometimes there isn’t. When we think of cosplay in the States, images like these come to mind:

Bad cosplayBad cosplay
Bad cosplayBad cosplay

In other words, it’s just geeks being geeks. (We will leave out discussion of “booth babes” for the moment.) In Japan, however, cosplay seems to be more about hot babes being hot in geek clothing. We stumbled across this article at Kotaku Australia: “They’re Totally Addicted To Cosplay.”

That led us to this site: アサガヲBlog, which is page after page of Japanese cosplay babes. There are a few guys on the site, and they don’t look to cool, but it is a very few. It’s mostly just babes. There is a sexual thing embedded in Japanese cosplay that the American version often lacks. And that’s a shame — because we’d be all over the next convention if the convention-goers all looked like this: