Lovely Lady Links: Jessica Hart, Gemma Atkinson, Andrea Garcia and More

Every Tuesday and Thursday, we bring you the 10 sexiest girl galleries from around the internet. These are your lovely lady links for April 28, 2011 (click the pics to see each gallery):

1. The Sexy Girls of Boulder, Colorado (TheBrigade)


2. Prepare to Be J-Wowwed (CoedMagazine)

j woww

3. Kang Yui Wants to Sell You a Camera (DJMick)

kang yui

4. Jessica Hart’s Bikini Photos are Mighty Fine (Guyism)

jessica hart1

5. The 20 Hottest Photos of Gemma Atkinson (Heavy)


6. Andrea Garcia is Uncoachable (Uncoached)

andrea garcia

7. The 10 Hottest Women from England (Complex)


8. Sexy Heather Shanholtz Pictures (HolyTaco)


9. Spank Bank: Vanessa Raia (GorillaMask)

vanessa raia

10. Would You Leave This Woman for LeAnn Rimes? (WWTDD)