Hope Solo Rocks the Brazilian (…Soccer Team in the World Cup)

Hope SoloHoo boy, really reaching with that title, aren’t we. Our humble apologies to the entire world of women’s soccer.

(Brazilian, get it? Like what women do with their… oh never mind. Better you not get it.)

The Women’s World Cup is nearing its conclusion, and on Sunday the U.S. Ponytail Babes (that is their official team name, you can look it up) met the Brazilian Garotas da Ipanema in a rematch of an unpretty 2007 game that ended 4-0 Brazil.

This time, the Ponytail Babes prevailed thanks to a late equalizer by Abby Wambach and two badass rejections by goalie Hope Solo in the shootout.

Mmm… Hope Solo. A presence we haven’t felt since… well, four years ago when she was ostracized for criticizing Briana Scurry’s performance in that 4-0 loss. We loved Hope then — a little more, maybe, because she was a bad girl — and we love her now.

Now she’s the hero. Here are a couple videos of her doing the sexy-athlete thing.

And here’s the shootout where she makes two saves–eight minutes long, but pretty exciting. The girl can move:

U-S-A! U-S-A!

Hope Solo