Hooters Pushing Putin for President, Hooters Saluting 9/11 Heroes

Boobs for PutinHere’s an interesting story out of Russia: This guy figured he’d make a political statement by shaking Vlad Putin’s hand after having grabbed the racks of some 1000 Russian women. And that political statement is…?

Alternate theory: This guy just wanted to fondle a bunch of breasts.

I mean, really! Politics is serious stuff, funning it up with boobs is asking for trouble. Pretty soon people will just be voting for boobs. Strange women in tight t-shirts is no basis for a system of government. Why, just look at this motivational spot by Putin supporters:

That’s taking the high road, alright. There are the inevitable responses by the Medvedev Girls. (Putin used to be President of Russia but due to term limits had to take the Prime Minister job for a bit and let puppet Dimitri Medvedev play President. Now it looks like Putin may run for President again in 2012, possibly against Medvedev, who is looking a bit less puppet-like than he used to. But you knew that.) Not quite as slick production-wise, but they’re speaking Russian so it’s still fairly sexy.

I found it interesting how the likes-dislikes break down. The Putin boob-fondler was liked by over 95% of voters. Babes for Putin gets slightly more likes than dislikes. Medvedev girls are strongly disliked — perhaps even hated.

Speaking of disliked girls, this seems somehow — somehow — related. “Hooters Remembers,” a video of Hooters girls paying tribute to the heroes of 9/11, which has 106 likes and 183 dislikes at the moment.