Holly Peers Is a Newsmaker #thursdaytotty

Holly PeersIt’s end-of-the-year list time and all over the media you’ll find the 2012′s “most intriguing people” or “best moments” or “worst dressed,” etc. You know what we’re talking about. But how about a list that is really relevant to you, the viewer? Isn’t there a list out there that speaks to your particular concerns and interests?

How about the top 10 Page 3 Models of the year? Page 3 Girls are of course the young English roses who appear in The Sun and generally speaking captivate the interwebs without doing much more than pose topless.

By Jove, we may be onto something here. We found a list at Page3.com, and it’s tryly eye-opening. It collects the top trending girls by individual post — which means a girl can be in it more than once. Going down the line we’ve got:

1. Lucy Collett
2. Katia Ivanova
3. “Hollie” aka Holly Jade Peers
4. “Hollie” aka Holly Jade Peers
5. Rosie Jones
6. “Hollie” aka Holly Jade Peers

Three out of the top six spots go to Holly Jade Peers, also known to Sun readers as “Hollie” — that is a remarkable accomplishment in toplessness. That deserves to be celebrated. That deserves… a bunch of pictures at least. It’s tough though because Holly is so good at toplessness that she is not actually very good at topfulness — clothes tend to fall off her almost immediately. The snowy pictures below come from Nuts’ Christmas special (other ladies present are Lucy Pinder, Rosie Jones and India Reynolds), which is currently splashed all over nuts.co.uk, although we found them on hollyjadepeers.blogspot.com. The others are from a site called PinupFiles.com, where she has also done a little bit of her fine, fine work.

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