Million Dollar Boobies

Holly MadisonFormer Hef paramour Holly Madison went and got her boobs insured for a million bucks.

Hang on — according to this reputable-looking website, breast implants go for a max of $15,000, with planty of value to be had in the four-digit range. How does one insure a (say) $15,000 item for $1 million? If she broke her boobs (I don’t know exactly how she would do this) wouldn’t it be much easier to simply buy a new set?

Evidently (yes, I actually read the article) the insurance is more about lost wages — if she were to damage her hooters, her literal moneymakers, she would be out of her phenomenally ok Peep Show extravaganza for weeks if not months. And I’m guessing if she were to call up Aflac saying she needs $1 million to compensate for impaired burlesque ability she might not get it.