Wednesday Wasabi: Hitomi Aizawa Is Sporty

Hitomi Aizawa

Hitomi Aizawa is one of the leading gravure idols in Japan, which means she wears very tight clothing and bikinis for hugely popular photo books and videos. She’s also a race queen, which means she wears slutty outfits at auto races to promote teams or products. You don’t really care about that.

What’s important is that she’s in this new set of photos doing the bikini thing with boxing gloves, dumbbells, and jump ropes. She’s not doing any of these things well, and yet she is doing them in a most pleasing way. There is no truth to the rumor that she has been brought on board by Michelle Obama to fight obesity with her trim waistline and huge breasts, in fact there is no rumor, but a lot of chunky teenage boys would get off the couch for this, that’s for sure.

Props to Brosome for this gallery — we’ve seen a lot of Hitomi pictures in our day but these are new to us.