Hitomi Aizawa Is a Hoop Dream #wednesdaywasabi

Hitomi Aizawa
Here’s another gallery of the smokin’ Japanese babe Hitomi Aizawa being sexy in various outfits and settings. But it’s the hula hoop that has us most interested today. Isn’t it a little strange that hula hooping became a fad in the ’50s? It is sort of a sexual, undulating, pulsating activity, isn’t it? The sort of thing that might cause concern for Ozzie and Harriet-type parents. And yet the Wham-O company marketed it as (we presume) good clean fun and all the kids were doing it. (Wham-O… with a name like that, shouldn’t they be making pornos or something?)

If only those ’50s parents could see into the future, they might not be so permissive when it came to the hula hoop. Take today’s header image — Hitomi Aizawa with a hula hoop wedged between her ample Japanese bosoms. Yikes — what sort of sexual deviancy is this? Don’t let Wally and the Beaver see it or they’ll be scarred for life. And we haven’t even brought up the hoop-foolery of Jordan Carver and Inessa Chimato. There were laws against this sort of thing in the ’50s. Or there should have been.