Highlights From Week One of Coco’s New Blog

Coco's Blog
A week ago, Nicole “Coco” Austin launched her brand new blog, The Coco Blog. For those of you who can’t be bothered to slog through post after post (she’s actually quite wordy), here’s the need-to-know:

“Coco’s Fitness Tips”

  • Of her 32 fitness tips, just seven are butt-related. Eight if you count her recommendation of regular colonics.
  • She recommends doing household chores in high heels to tighten the calves. This exercise has also been known to tighten Ice-T’s pants.
  • “Tip#7-(detox)Get ‘Hollywood Diet Juice’ at Walgreens.U can’t eat for 2 days but u lose weight,cleans u out & taste good.Do this twice a year.” Whoa–better you than us, sister.

“Spartacus my dogs twitter”

Yes, Coco’s dog Spartacus has a Twitter account. We cannot support this. There is so much about Coco we can support, but we draw the line at pet Twitter accounts.

“Coco Runway Model for Fashion Show!”

After years of refusing designers’ invitations, Coco decided to walk the runway at Fashion Week 2010 in New York. She helped design the dress herself, and describes the key features thusly: “With just sheer see-thru material to cover my boobs and butt, it wasn’t all nakedness but enough to see curvature.”

Ah, who are we kidding–the real highlights are the pictures, of which she is posting many. All her Halloween costumes from the past four years, Twitter thong photos, and of course that special butt-cleavage dress mentioned above. Here’s a sampling:

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