Helena Christensen Summons Mid-90s Bikini Goodness

Helena Christensen
Truth be told, we used to have a thing for Helena Christensen.

Helena Christensen by Michel Comte

Of all the supermodels of her generation — we’re talking legends, Cindy Crawford, Christy Turnlington, Naomi Campbell, Linda Evangelista, Claudia Schiffer — Helena seemed to us to be the sexiest. In the sense that one would like to have the most sex with her. The maximum amount of sex. Whatever quantity of sex was at that time allowable by law and nature, that is the quantity of sex that one would have wanted to have with Helena Christensen.

Gorgeous, and of course of the correct proportions for modeling clothing, but also not so fashion-y and couturified that she lost her ample god-given sex-appeal.

She went and did the right thing, back in the day, and posed nude for plenty of art photographs, which made a lot of people happy because Helena Christensen modeling nothing at all was as good as — better than — you would imagine from pictures of her modeling swimsuits and lingerie.

Take this picture (at right). It was 1993. She was something like 24. The internet was young. If you went online searching for mild smut in the mid-90s, you would inevitably run across this and several others of Helena, and compared to the available material by them other ones what was mentioned before, there was no comparison. Helena Christensen was probably the greatest nude supermodel of the early internet days.

And here we are, 20 years later, still glued to this fake computer world called the internet. And like it was yesterday, Helena Christensen is back in a fashion magazine (Spanish Elle) showing off what she’s got in swimsuits, here and there forgetting her bikini top.

She’s 44. And it’s a good 44.

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