Advanced Bikini Studies with Professor Heather Vaughn Morris

Heather Vaughn Morris has been published in American Curves, Ultimate MMA, MMA Worldwide, and her ads can be found in about every current MMA and fitness magazine. She’s a swimsuit contest and website regular as well — basically, if wearing a bikini were a course of study in college, she’d have several advanced degrees. She’d be a Doctor of Bikini, or perhaps she’d have her Ph.D-kini. We don’t know, we’re just making this up, but you get the idea. She’ll also be on the upcoming season of (what else) Bikini Destinations. For regular doses of bikini fun, bookmark her official site,, friend her at and follow her big bouncy tweets at

Hometown/Birthplace: Lancaster, SC

Current location: Charlotte, NC

Measurements: 34D-24-34

I think my best physical feature is: My smile

Men say my best physical feature is: My rockin’ body

Tattoos: Stars on my right foot and “Forever” on my side. Because I will be me, and I will do my best forever!

Sexiest woman ever: Marilyn Monroe of course. Every little girl wants to grow up and be a sex symbol like her.

Sexiest man ever: Georges St. Pierre. He has a rockin’ body, a killer accent, and he can kick anyone’s ass!

My best trait is: My personality. People smile from just being around me!

My worst habit is: Saying the word “like” too much!

I wish more men would: Spend more time in the gym instead of the bar!

The key to my heart is: Let your actions speak louder than your words. I wanna see it, not hear about it.

Compliment me on: How my hard work in the gym pays off.

How much should a man groom his private parts?: Gotta be fully manscaped!

My grooming down there: Silky smooth.

Favorite style of panties: I work hard in the gym on my glutes, so I always like to wear a thong or boy shorts that show it off.

What I like in a bra: Something that keeps my girls from bouncing around!

Pet name for my boobs: The Twins.

What I love about my boobs: They are big, pretty, and real — real expensive, that is!

When it comes to my body, please do: Look but don’t touch.

When it comes to my body, please do not: Say stupid things that would get you slapped!

Most important rule or rules of bedroom etiquette: Take it slow and enjoy it. It’s not a race.

Physical feature I like to show off: My abs.

The sexiest outfit I will wear in public: Depends how hot it is outside.

Something I will wear the bedroom if you are deserving: I love sexy lingerie, and I have a lot of it.

A superficial thing I am attracted to: Long blonde hair and a rockin’ body.

My favorite physical feature on a man: Abs

My favorite trait in a man: Brains!

A man will turn me on if: He knows just what to say.

A man will disappoint me if: Talks to much.

The simplest thing you can do to make me happy is: Surprise me.

I will not even give you a second look if: You are cocky.

Something stupid men do or say when they first meet me: Stupid pick up lines.

I will sleep with you when: I feel like you are ready for it!

I will never sleep with you if: I feel like you have been around and back again.

I should be on the cover of Playboy because: They need a sweet southern girl who’s nice to look at, and easy to laugh at.