Girl on Girl: Heather Shanholtz and Jessica Vaugn


Heather Shanholtz is a hot blond that you surely haven’t missed, and impossible to not be familiar with if you read American Curves magazine, since she’s been in it four times! This “hottie with the body” is all about what that phrase was meant to describe! Fit and lovely, be sure to follow her on Twitter so you can keep up with her sexy twitpics and updates! Read on to hear about her hot airport sex, how she keeps that sexy booty, and her episodes of Maury!!


Bust – 34 DD, Waist – 25, Hips – 35

Where do you live?

Miami, Florida


Baltimore, Maryland


German, Irish & American Indian

Where have we seen you before?

MMA Worldwide Magazine, American Curves Swimsuits Edition by Justin Price, July issue of American Curves by Rich Cutrone, July issue of Oxygen Magazine (Ad for Flying Pasties), Maxim en Espanol, The Ring Magazine September 2011

I know you are quite the computer person with graphic design, photo editing, gaming… that’s cool! Do you just consider it a hobby or do you do it semi professionally? Did you do your own website? It looks great!

Thanks! I own a web and graphic design company called Exceptional Web Solutions. It’s sitting on the back burner for now because I’m so busy with my modeling career right now. I didn’t do my own website. Mixed Media designed it for me. I’m so busy with all of my work I don’t even have time to do my own graphics, etc. so I normally send it out. I do update it regularly myself though. And if I need something done in a hurry like a flyer to promote something I’ll do it myself. Mixed Media is amazing! If anyone is looking for a website be sure to look them up. Tell them Heather sent ya for a discount.

One of our commonalities is a love for horror films! What do you love most about them? Name a few you definitely recommend for fellow horror fans.

I love horror films! I never watch them alone though, I need to be cuddled up with someone! I love that they keep you on the edge of your seat and the special effects amaze me. My favorites are all of the Saw movies and The Texas Chainsaw Massacre.

What is something a stranger at a bar could walk up and say to you that would score him a great conversation and your full attention?

It depends on the situation. The best thing a guy can do is offer to buy you a drink and from there they can strike up a conversation. The guy has to be funny though and make me laugh or I’ll lose interest real quick. Be witty and funny.

What is a modeling goal you have? A job that you’d KILL to land?

I’d like to be on more covers. I’d also like to be in more of the international Maxim & FHMs. Eventually I’m getting into acting and making the switch. There’s more of a market for that and it’s more mainstream.

You staged a car jacking as a prank?! What is the story about that?

My friend was visiting from Delaware and hadn’t met my childhood friends yet so I figured I’d mess with him. I grew up in a very small country town called Jarrettsville in Maryland. There’s a lot of back country roads so I decided to stage a car jacking. We were driving down the road and I had my brother laying in the street with 2 of my other friends over him with ski masks and fake shotguns. When we pulled up my friend Geoff saw what was going down and freaked out. My two friends came rushing the car and pulled him out at gun point then they took off with me in the back of the car. We didn’t mess with him for long though we immediately turned around and told him he had just been punked. I don’t think anyone involved will ever forget that night. My friend Geoff wanted to kill me after that. I’m a huge prankster but I don’t take it to that type of level anymore. We were just young and dumb back then.

What is the wildest place you’ve ever had sex?

In an airport parking lot in the car while people were running around to catch their flight. No one could see inside the car because the windows were so steamed up!

Anyone you want to give a big thank you to?

My family for always sticking by my side. Especially my sisters Ashley & Kristie and my brother Gene. My mother and the rest of them have been amazing to me. My close friend and amazing photographer Justin Price and also all the photographers and people in the industry for helping me to get to where I am now. My fans mean a lot to me too. I’m a very appreciative person.

Who is your hero?

My mother and my best friend Eva for being such strong women and a major influence in my life.

Bedroom advice for guys?

Feel out the moment. Passionate sex is awesome but the raw dirty hardcore sex is my cup of tea.

For girls?

Be confident with yourself and enjoy the ride.

Tell us about your episode of Maury!!

My agent sent me on the Maury show for a secret crush episode. They flew me to CT to film. I brought my friend on there and revealed my secret crush to him on national television. It did end up turning into a year and a half relationship. They loved us so much we filmed a 2nd episode for an update in South Beach and sent in a video postcard. They talked about having us on again but we are no longer together. They still air the show all the time. It was definitely a memorable experience.

Describe your ideal man.

Someone who takes good care of themselves, eats healthy and goes to the gym. Also I love to laugh and have a very unique sense of humor so if a guy can’t make me laugh there is no shot. Also someone that is down to earth, intelligent and has a good personality.

Tell us, how do you keep that shapely yet fit body?

I work out four times a week and eat healthy. Very little carbs and no bread or pasta. When traveling I always do 400 sit-ups when I wake up and 400 more when I go to bed. That way if I’m not getting my workout in I’m still going to stay fit. I do have my splurges though once a week. I love to eat so I have a pig out meal! I also do my lunges in heels, that’s my secret to keeping my booty in shape. I also take a lot of vitamins and drink a lot of green tea.

Pam Anderson or Carmen Electra? Coke or Pepsi? Rap or Rock? Sports car or luxury car?

Pam Anderson I love blondes! Coke. I can’t choose between Rap or Rock, I like them equally. My music varies depending on the mood I’m in. And sports car for sure!

You skydive, I’m so jealous! I want you to take me sometime! How did you get into that and what is it like?

I’ll have to take you sometime! It’s amazing! I took my friend for his birthday and it was both of our first times. It’s the best adrenaline rush you can have its almost as good as sex.

I know you do pageants, what are those like as a contestant?

I’ve kind of gotten away from the whole pageant thing. Most of them are rigged and I barely do bikini contests unless a friend asks me as a favor. Pageants are a whole other world. The girls are different and stuck up and backstabbing. I have met a few great girls that have became good friends of mine while doing pageants.

What is something guys do that make you run the other direction?

When they get too clingy in the beginning. I’m so busy with what I have going on in my life right now that I have no business even being in a relationship. When I meet the right person though I’ll be willing to make it work. It’s just hard with all of the traveling and running around I do.

Where can we find you online to stay in touch?

Twitter: @Hshanholtz

I also have a PO Box specifically for fans! PO Box 371459, Miami FL 33137