Ryanair: See the Frauleins with the Big Jugs!

Hayden Panettiere Kim Kardashian Holly MadisonDon’t look at us that way. We didn’t write it.

Ryanair, an Irish budget airline, ran advertisements in a London newspaper trying to sell plane tickets to Germany for the upcoming Oktoberfest (which will be here sooner than you think — first keg is tapped at noon on September 17). SEE THE FRAULEINS WITH THE BIG JUGS! the ads read, showing a girl in a dirndl offering steins of beer.

Apparently, some people thought that was sexist or naughty in some way. Come on, steins are jugs!

Sort of.

Ok, not really. They’re big mugs, and mugs aren’t jugs.

But that brings us to a trend that we think should continue — celebrity jugs at Oktoberfest. Like big hats at the Kentucky Derby, dirndls were the must-wear for famous ladies visiting Munich last year, and as with just about everything Kim Kardashian puts on the traditional German-braufrau-garment was a massive-cleavage-enabler. Holly Madison and Hayden Panettiere got in on the action too.