Hayden Hayes: A Study in Diversity

“I chose communications as a major because I enjoyed that subject more than others,” says recent University of Washington graduate Hayden Hayes. “My minor is in diversity which is good because, in PR, we’re always working with a diverse group of people.” Inside the Cyber Club you’ll see Hayden nude in a diverse group of Coed of the Week and Coed of the Month pictorials and videos.

Here’s an admittedly small gallery of SFW pics from those pictorials, simply because there weren’t very many SFW pics. What can we say? Hayden prefers to be naked!

Click here to see a NSFW sample of Hayden’s August 2011 Coed of the Month photos and videos.

Click here to watch Hayden and three other college girls having a NSFW Coed House Party with each other.