Hannah Davis Invades Kate Upton’s Turf; Chaos Ensues

Hannah DavisYeah, we saw the headlines yesterday:

TheFrisky: Is Hannah Davis — Derek Jeter’s Girlfriend — The Next Kate Upton?

Daily Mail: Is Derek Jeter’s girl the next Kate Upton? Hannah Davis makes ‘huge first impression’ on Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Issue shoot

Our reaction wasn’t, “Oooh, next Kate Upton? Let’s see!” It was a little more personal. Comparing Hannah Davis to Kate Upton is not to be done lightly — well, we have a confession to make.

Kate Upton is our pretend Internet girlfriend.

It’s true. We’ve been keeping it in the DL, but we’ve been seeing Kate Upton in a totally imaginary way for some time now. So if you tell us that Kate Upton is being replaced by Hannah Davis (who is Derek Jeter’s real-life girlfriend) — well, we need to be consulted on this at least.

What’s happened is Hannah Davis performed really well in her shoot for the Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Issue 2013. We are not being ordered to dump Kate Upton.

Phew! Because we’re not ready for that yet. We have so many pretend memories yet to create!

Here’s Hannah…

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