Friday Wasabi: Summer’s Here, Bring on the Japaneathage

Yesterday was the first day of summer, and that means bikini season. And for certain Japanese models, bikini season means bulbous bulging all over the place. These ladies just can’t seem to find a bikini top that fits!

Of course, their womanly dimensions are exaggerated, if not speculative — take these two, Yuma Asami and Hana Haruna. The former is an H-cup, the latter claims a whopping K-cup. Can you walk into a store in Japan and buy a K-cup bra?

We do not know the answer to that question.

The Japanese were clearly innovators in the field of tiny bikinis; in fact, with better marketing Japanese Underboob (Japanderboob? Japunderboob? Japaneathage?) might be up there with other top exports like electronics and efficient cars.

Enjoy these pictures of Yuma and Hana, and rest assured that these woefully inadequate swimsuits would fly off if they actually ventured into the surf. Hell, a stiff breeze might even do it.