Clash of the Cleavage: Elvira vs. Vampirella

Halloween is of course the one night out of the year when every girl gets to strut her stuff and dress like her inner slut. A good Halloween party isn’t so much a showcase of creative costumes as it is a showcase of creatively-amplified curves and crevasses.

A lady vampire must have great cleavage—it’s as simple as that.

The two icons of sexy vampitude — we’re talking the pre-True Blood, pre-Twilight era — are Elvira and Vampirella. It’s hardly an apples-to-apples comparison. Elvira is a character played by a real person (Cassandra Peterson) since the early ’80s, while Vampirella is a comic book character created in 1969. Yet for reasons we don’t totally understand, Vampirella has appeared in the flesh more than most comic babes; over the years numerous models and actresses (Julie Strain, Kitana Baker, Talisa Soto, Masuimi Max) have had the honor of donning the red leather straps. And to speak more specifically about them apples — Elvira offers extreme traditional cleavage, while Vampirella is one of the earliest known examples of neathage and underboob.

(They may be buzzwords now, kids, but in 1969 “neathage” and “underboob” didn’t even exist. Simple “boob” was big news. And you had to walk five miles in the snow to get it.)

What’s your pleasure — Elvira or Vampirella?