Habemus Sophie Howard!

Sophie HowardOh yeah, this happened:

Sophie Howard

For those of you who follow these things (or who have lives to live but simply trust us to follow these things) this is BIG NEWS.

We’ve waxed rhapsodic in these pages before about Sophie, the anti-Keeley, the woulda-been Keeley, the Keeley with a bit more personality and slightly fewer delusions of grandeur.

We’re not here to bag on Keeley — nice girl, but she did wink out with a whimper, turning her back on her fans to pursue an acting career.

Sophie retired too, of course, but was much more up-front about it and didn’t seem to have any regrets. In fact, we thought that Sophie might just come back to us someday.

Sophie Howard

And she has! And there was much rejoicing.

As she tells the mag that brought her back to us, Nuts: “I’ve not been up to much, I’ve just been enjoying semi-retirement, hanging out with my friends and partying lots. I had big ideas about shaving my head and getting loads of tattoos, but that never happened, as you can see.”

They ask her what she’s been doing, and her answer is “partying.” Gotta love this girl. Here’s a tribute to Sophie, some of her best pictures from the career that seemed to be over — but isn’t:

Now if she’d just get on the horn and convince her old bosom buddy Michelle Marsh to have a go…

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