Girlwatcher: Armie of the Pacific, the Return

Armie’s back!

Well, Armie didn’t go anywhere, but since we last wrote about her in December she has continued to do her phenomenal Filipina thingfor and we just think you ought to know. The gist of this update is that she is taking more pictures (while wearing less clothing), continuing with the art, playing her music, making videos, and Facebooking her ass off. Really, if you feel your life would be better with regular doses of Armie throughout your day, friend her on Facebook — your timeline will thank you for it.

Here’s a seizure-inducing video:

As we were saying above, the less-clothing thing: See, the whole idea behind has always been naked ladies with guns and weapons, posing on heavy artillery and riding motorcycles. When we first brought you Armie, she was posing in bikinis and other tight outfits but we had a feeling she’d get with the program before too long. And she has! So if you like that, is your source for tastefully erotic Armie action.

Like this, only moreso–