Sweat and Glitter: The Girls of the North Coast Music Festival

North Coast Music Festival is a three-day carnival as much as it is a music festival. The North Coast Music Group says on their website that “with this festival, we’ve come together to celebrate the merging of all music and walks of life that enjoy it as much as we do.” True story, there’s nothing like an electronic music festival to bring out girls’ most outrageous outfits. Girls wear everything to nothing including: fuzzy boots, wigs, fanny packs, wings, animal hats, and body paint mixed with a pot of glitter. Below are the spectacular girls of North Coast Music Festival 2011.

Thanks to John McDermott of McDermott Media for the professional photos (the other ones I took while raging).

Raging in your animal hat, a must. Bringing your knee brace in case you dance too much, optional.

If you can’t see the concert behind the 10,000 people in front of you – any guy will gladly let you put your thighs around his shoulders – provided that you’re a hot girl.

Hipster glasses, a must. Clothes, optional.

North Coast Music Festival 2011: Furry Boots, neon, and Deadmau5 temporary tattoos are trending.

At night you feel the music and sometimes the girl next to you too.

How will anyone find you if you’re not wearing a fiery orange wig?

Never attend a music festival without amazing and/or neon sunglasses. Otherwise your eyes will look like you’ve been listening to House music for 72 hours straight.

Before it’s dark, sweaty, and rainy; girls can look pretty normal (see above).

Electronic music festivals are one of the few places where corset dresses, fanny packs, and neon gym shoes are hot.

Traveling more than an hour to North Coast deserves recognition. Raise your flag proudly.

Electronic music festival disguises include animal hats and sunglasses.

It rained all weekend but I don’t think anyone noticed.

Intrigued enough to see more? Check out more girls from North Coast Music Festival 2011 in the gallery below: