Girl on Girl: Who Should Win Miss Playboy Social?

Which one of these girls do you want to see pose for Playboy? Get to know our Miss Social finalists and vote for your favorite by texting PBJessica or PBKrystal to 97900!

Krystal Harlow

Text PBKrystal to 97900

Krystal Harlow

Age: 19

Measurements: 32C-22-26 / 5’2″ / 105 pounds

Hometown: Burlington, North Carolina (Currently in Raleigh, North Carolina)

Occupation: Full-time student—Fashion Merchandising—and aspiring model

Why do you want to pose for Playboy? I have always looked up to the ladies found on the pages of Playboy because, yes, they are beautiful, but they are confident! I’m now at a point in my life where I, too, am confident in myself, so confident I would get naked for Playboy! But above the nudity, I have the personality and heart to back it up! Playboy is the only magazine of its kind to portray woman so elegantly and classy!

How have you been getting people to vote for you? I rounded up all of my girls for a charity car wash. In only a few hours we raised a lot of money for a local charity, made lots of cars in Raleigh shine and collected lots of votes! Aside from the carwash I have been meeting people online like CRAZY who have been very supportive. And thanks to Playboy Radio, I had the chance of being on the morning show four times and have met people online who voted after hearing me on the air!

What is the craziest thing you have done so far for a vote? I was in a candy shop and this marketing campaign guy was there working on promoting the world’s largest gummy bear. So the guy said he would vote if I posed with the giant gummy bear. It wasn’t super crazy, but the gummy bear was like 5 pounds!

How do you like to unwind? I like to shop, travel (Vegas is my favorite!) and hang with friends!

Favorite Playmate? Hope Dworaczyk

What’s the wildest thing you did this summer? While in Las Vegas I ended a wild night by running naked from the elevator to my hotel room, which was a LONG walk. It was fun! And the bellman I passed enjoyed it!

What is your biggest turn-on? Go-getter, a nice smile, a sense of humor, an open mind to new things and a confident but not cocky personality!

Turn-off? Disrespectful behavior, lies and negativity!

Why should people vote for you? I love the body and beauty I was blessed with, but I’m more than that! I’m the girl that my friends know they can come to and without asking they could have the shirt from my back. I’m the girl that has overcome so many things in life regardless of who had my back because I am strong. I’m the girl you could run into downtown and have a conversation with; I don’t like the girls that think they are above anyone! I’m the girl next door!

If you win, who are you bringing with you to the Mansion? I still don’t know who I will be taking to the Mansion when I win! I have had a lot of GREAT friends helping me out that all deserve to go so that decision is still undecided…

Text PBKrystal to 97900 to cast your vote!

Jessica Holz

Text PBJessica to 97900

Jessica Holz

Age: 20

Measurements: 34B-24-33 / 5’4″ / 106 pounds

Hometown: Long Island, New York, now in Dutchess County, New York

Occupation: Waitress at the Melting Pot, also a freelance makeup artist. I do makeup for weddings, proms, special occasions, as well as body paint. I am also a full-time student majoring in accounting.

Why do you deserve the title of Playboy’s Miss Social? I believe I deserve the Playboy Miss Social title because I am a hard worker; I will do whatever I have to do in order to achieve my dreams. To be crowned Miss Social would be an honor for me. I believe I deserve this because I am your girl next door, I am fun, classy and the sweetest girl you will ever meet.

Why do you want to pose for Playboy? Being in Playboy has always been my dream ever since I was a very young girl. I remember always trying to sneak at my friends’ parents’ magazines; I would always admire the beautiful women. Ever since the first time I saw a magazine I knew I would never stop until I achieved that dream.

How have you been getting people to vote for you? I have been making plenty of friends through Facebook. Everyone has been so supportive and amazing to me. I also go out on the town every night and make new friends and ask them to help me out. Aamazingly, people are so supportive and helpful, they want to see a girl succeed, and if they can help they are happy :)

What is the craziest thing you have done so far for a vote? I went to Atlantic City dressed as a Playboy Bunny asking people to vote for me! I also brought my best friend along, and we would ask people to vote and she and I would make out for votes!

What celeb do people tell you you look like? A lot of people say I look like a Kardashian; I’ve also been told that I resemble Audrey Bitoni.

How do you like to unwind and have a good time? I like to go shopping, work out at the gym. After a long day I will sit outside by my pool and relax or have a girls night!

Favorite Playmate? Sara Jean Underwood, hands down. I always admired her; she’s beautiful, sweet and confident.

What’s the wildest thing you did this summer? Hands down it was the night I went to Atlantic City to promote Miss Social. It was definitely one of the wildest nights I have had in my life. Now what I say is, “What happens in AC stays in AC.”

What is your biggest turn-on? Manly men, someone who can fix a car or anything, nice smile, honesty, good sense of humor is a must!

Turn-off? Cockiness, bad teeth or hygiene, bad manners, laziness…I need a hard worker like me.

If you win, who are you bringing with you to the Mansion? I will be taking one of my best friends to the Mansion if I win :) She helped me throughout this entire competition, and she has always been there for me.

Text PBKrystal to 97900 to cast your vote!