Girl on Girl: Stefanie Jennifer and Jessica Vaugn

Stefanie Jennifer is exactly what you think of when you envision a Playboy model! She’s an all-American, blonde bombshell, coy yet sweet… not to mention, one sexy woman! She wants to fill you in on her dirty little fantasy, her turn-ons with the fellas, and her favorite Playmate!

What is your hometown and where do you live now?
Hometown: Glendora, NJ. I now live in Miami, FL.

32c-24-34 Hazel Eyes, German and Italian in lineage.

We’ve seen you before!
Yes, Playboy readers have! I was the Playboy May Barmate 2012.

Additional bragging rights?
I was voted sexiest employee where I used to work. There were over 2,000 people there so it was quite an honor and made me VERY popular.

What was it like modeling for Playboy?
It was fantastic and something I had always wanted to do, but it even exceeded those expectations. Once they started taking the pictures it was all a blur, I was just focused on looking my best for the camera.

Who is your favorite Playmate or Playboy model of all time?
Marilyn Monroe is my favorite playmate of all time. She just oozed with sex appeal!

What is a sexual fantasy you have but have never been able to fulfill?
I just finished reading Fifty Shades of Grey. Need I say more?

On a first date, what things can win a guy major points with you? What things will make you never see him again?
Opening my car door or any door! Turnoffs would be only talking only about himself or making the girl pay! If he’s is interested in another date he better remember his wallet. Or… is wearing dirty running sneakers. Gross.

What do you perceive as the sexier things about yourself?
I think my smile is my sexiest feature but my friends disagree and, say… my chest!

What were you like in school?
It sounds cliche but I was on the shy side and a bit of a tomboy. My confidence didn’t start to build until I got older, and it continues to grow. I am more comfortable in my skin now than I was even a few years ago.

What is your sex and relationship advice for guys?
My relationship advice for all you guys is it isn’t always about you. Trust is a major factor in a relationship if you don’t have that why bother? And be confident in yourself!

My ULTIMATE modeling assignment would be…
My ultimate modeling assignment would be to model for Victoria’s Secret and walk the runway for their angels show.

Let’s say you were planning a celebrity threesome… who are you inviting?
Bradly Cooper and Scarlett Johansson.

What is the most ridiculous thing a photographer has asked you to do for a shoot?
A photographer once asked me to stand on a rooftop ledge while the wind was blowing really hard in 5 inch heels. We tried to get the shot but it ended up not happening.

The sexiest sports icon is:
Hands down — Cristiano Ronaldo!

Where can we keep up with you online?
Model Mayhem: www.modelmayhem/stefaniejennifer