Girl on Girl: Stacie Marie and Jessica Vaugn

Stacie Marie is a very sexy Indiana native who is a familiar face to those of you who check out the Playboy Special Editions! This all natural Midwestern hottie talks Mustangs, life in Indy, and being in the 2012 Hooters calendar!

Stats: 5’6, 34D-25-37″.

Hometown: Columbus, IN.

I don’t even know where to begin listing all your work with Playboy. List a few of what you consider to be your favorite features with the magazine and web world of Playboy!
Back in January of 2011 I was very excited when I received an email saying I had been chosen as a Cyber Girl in the Cyber Club, which is such a great thing to add to my modeling resume. Another thing that really stands out in my mind was being picked as an Indianapolis Girl of Playboy Golf winner last year. I won a trip to the LA Golf Finals and got to go to the Mansion and meet Hef himself for the first time. That’s a trip I will never forget!

How excited are you to forever have a copy of yourself in a Playboy Special Editions?
Two years later I still get giddy when I see one of my SE’s in an adult book store or wherever. Personally, the proud feeling of being published never gets old! I’m sure I’ll get a good laugh out of it when I’m 80 and show people that I once had a tight ass and hour glass figure.

You’re a Hooters Girl in Indy. What’s the highlight of working there? Have you ever done the Hooters Calendar or Magazine?
I’ve been at Hooters for over four years now and I truly am happy I applied for the job when I moved to Indy. It’s the perfect job for me because I’m loud, can talk to anyone, and I’m a really good flirt! Working at Hooters is also what got me into modeling. I needed submission pictures taken for the Hooters Calendar… I met some local photographers… got a Model Mayhem account… started networking… and here I am today! I’m also happy to say I am a 2012 Hooters Calendar Girl. It’s been a really fun and busy year doing the Calendar signing tour and being part of all our local promotional events.

If you could trade places for a day with someone still living, who might that person be?
Steven Tyler’s girlfriend!! I’ve had a small obsession with him since I was 14!

What is the craziest thing fans do or a fan had done to get your attention?
Luckily no one has ever done anything super crazy to get my attention. So that either means I don’t have enough fans or I’m just as crazy as they are and it doesn’t phase me!

What is your dream car?
1968 Shelby Cobra! It gets me hot just thinking about it!

You’ve admitted you love to visit LA (more than just to visit me!) but what is the best aspect about being a Midwesterner, and living in Indy, specifically.
Sports! I don’t think any other state is as sports crazy as Indiana is, especially basketball and football. Everyone around here loves to tailgate, grill out, drink beer, play cornhole, and cheer for our hometown teams — it’s what we Hoosiers do best! If you haven’t tailgated for a Colts or IU game once in your life, you are missing out.

One stereotype of a hot hot girl that fits me exactly:
I’m probably the world’s worst navigator. I literally get lost everywhere I drive, even if I use my GPS and my phone maps app. It’s awful.

One stereotype of a hot blond girl that does not fit me at all:
I’m not a big floozy. I value having meaningful relationships rather than sleeping around and waking up next to the guy I met at the bar last night. One night stands just don’t appeal to me.

What actress/model or anyone in the media do you consider to a great example for young women today?
They aren’t models or actresses, but after being glued to the TV for two weeks watching the London Olympics, I think the all the female Olympians are the best role models for young women today. They have so much heart, determination, love for their countries, and live healthy and positive lifestyles.

Are you into politics? What do you think about all the social media fire breathing (electronic) screaming matches friends are getting into with one another and scatter unfriending of those who don’t agree with them politically?
I hate politics and try to avoid all conversations about it. I think all politicians are lying, back-stabbing, egotistical assholes. I’d much rather talk about sex or sports!

Where can we keep up with you online:
Twitter: @MissStacieB