Girl on Girl: Shaz and Jessica Vaugn

In light of the world’s eyes turned to London for the Olympics, we thought it brilliant to interview a London model about her modeling hopes and dreams in regard to the camera. Meet Shaz, with Playboy ambitions and a love for Fitness, we know you will agree, we hope she hits our shores sooner rather than later!

London, UK.


What are your goals as a model, starting with what your dream assignment might be?
My dream assignment would be to get on the cover of Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Issue. I realize it’s only the most famous and beautiful women in the world who get to do that, but a girl can dream, right? Other great assignments would be to work for Victoria’s Secret or maybe our UK underwear company Agent Provocateur. Playboy is also one of my main goals as a model. I have only started modeling 6 months ago, and my goals have changed a lot since I started. Initially I just wanted to get my picture taken without having to pay for it, but after some photo shoots I was starting to actually get paid which came as a surprise to me! I think now my realistic goal is to be able to make some money while having a great time and traveling to different places around the globe.

How do you stay motivated to be in such great shape? What is your most helpful advice to guys and girls out there about motivation to stay on their healthy diets and workout routine?
I have been training regularly for the last 7-8 years, and I need to work out to avoid getting back pains, which is a hereditary problem in my family. I enjoy training, though, which is a great plus, and I have learned a lot about my body during these years.

Looking good is something I think everyone will feel is a bonus to working out, but for me the main reason has always been my health.

For the last 3-4 years I have also spent time understanding my diet and trying to eat properly. I think its important to enjoy life though, so on the weekends I am usually quite lax about my diet and if I go out to a nice restaurant, I always eat whatever I want and as much as I want. During the weekdays, I eat a lot of salad and avoid red meat and bread. I eat plenty of chicken and I love feta cheese. I think my local grocery shop have to order extra feta cheese just to not run out because of me!

Living in the UK, Do you see yourself coming to America to model, perhaps, pose for Playboy?
I would love to pose for Playboy. I am not actually a nude model, and I have never done a proper nude photo shoot, but I would if Playboy comes a-knockin’. Playboy has European editions as well and I hope to make it into one of those and maybe Playboy in the US will get their eyes on me that way. Or if Hugh reads this I hope he can answer my dreams! I hope to go to America to model, its a huge market and the fitness and glamour part of the industry is much bigger in the US than in Europe. I am planning a trip to New York this autumn, and I’ll do a few photo shoots when I am there which will hopefully open some doors for me.

We all do some questionable things in love. What is the craziest, riskiest, or stupidest things you’ve ever done under the influence of heavy feelings for guy?
Haha, that’s an easy question to answer. I dated a guy who loved extreme sports of all sorts and I really like rock climbing and I have done paragliding a few times which was also fun, but he convinced me I should go on a tandem parachute jump with him. I thought I would be okay, but when we were sitting in the airplane (and these airplanes are really small and noisy) I looked down and realized there was no way I wanted to jump out of that plane. However, since I had been cocky beforehand and I was really into this guy, I felt I had to try and I ended up jumping but I had my eyes closed the whole time when he couldn’t see me.

You just traveled Europe to far off like Turkey, Italy, and Spain! How cool! What was that trip like and where else have you traveled?
Yes, I went on a trip through southern Europe together with my sisters and we had so much fun. We saw Madrid, Rome and Istanbul during three weeks this July and it was a great trip. I love traveling and I have been to every continent in the world except North America funnily enough, but that will change soon. When I travel, I enjoy learning about new cultures and seeing new things. I loved when I was in Thailand and I went to see an orphanage and got to meet the children and see how their lives are. It was very touching and since then I have been to see orphanages in central Asia a couple of times and donated money and stuff to them. It is so heartwarming to see that even though these children have no material things they still play and smile and laugh. To be able to give them some clothes, toys and an ice cream each has been the most rewarding thing I have done in my life, and I hope to be able to do that many times in the future.

What are the typical ways a guy can catch your attention?
No cheap chat-up lines please. I like a man to be polite and well-dressed and not too funny. Too many guys keep making jokes when they talk to me and it drives me nuts. I want to meet someone who can keep a normal conversation going and not a stand-up comedian. Nothing against stand-up comedy, but not in my relationship! If he comes up to me and tells me he is educated and has a heart of gold I’ll listen carefully.

Who is your role model either in life or your career?
There are so many people I look up to. As a model I really admire Ellie Gonsalves for being able to find her niche as a model and fitness specialist who are advising people on diets and their fitness regimes and also doing design work for swimsuit companies. I am currently working with a small chain of gyms here in London to feature in an exercise video that they want to make and I love the idea of being able to do things like that. When I am not modeling I am working on a business degree at the American University in London and I am doing some part time work assisting traders at a hedge fund and there are some people I admire in that line of work, although they are not household names. Chris Hohn is a successful hedge fund manager in London with The Children’s Investment Fund Foundation, who gives part of their profits every year to children’s charities which I think makes him a person to admire.

Does your family support your scandalously alluring photo career?
Haha, they are okay with it, but I think the reason I am not really looking for a career in nude photography is because I don’t want to risk upsetting my family. But my mum said that she would have done Playboy when she was young, so I am okay with Playboy! My family is very supportive of everything I do though, so I am not too worried. I am blessed to have a family like mine and I wouldn’t change them for the world.

Living in London, how crazy is it with the Olympics going on right now? Did you see any change in the people there? Fill in us Americans in who have forgotten the spirit we felt when hosting the global even in Atlanta.
Its been a great two weeks here in London and I saw lots of Olympic Spirit. People were helpful on buses and trains, always helping tourists find their way around town, and plenty of English gentlemen were seen carrying suitcases up and down stairs for foreign ladies visiting London I am proud to report. UK managed to win more medals this time around than ever before which has made the atmosphere even better. Lots of people worried about traffic and about security but all those fears never materialized. Traffic was no worse than a normal day as long as you avoided the immediate area around the different stadiums, and security was good enough to deter any trouble makers it seems. I was lucky enough to arrive back from my holiday at Heathrow on a day when lots of athletes arrived at the same airport and the party atmosphere was amazing, and all the photographers that were waiting in the arrival hall gave me a flavor of how movie stars live their daily lives!

Lamest date ever?
A guy took me out once when I was visiting Bangkok and he took me to the “red light district” for a night out. Not my idea of fun at all, I just felt sorry for the girls there and I told him to take me home without having dinner. And no, he didnt get to kiss me on the cheek at my hotel.

List some of your favorite things!
Rock climbing gear (my favorite sport), books (I love reading on holiday), sports bras (single best invention of man-kind since the wheel and the fire, I’m a 32E and I need one), pocket calculator (I need one…), handbags and shoes (I know it’s a classic, but I really am obsessed!).

One thing you want every guy to know about girls:
That we are almost like normal people, we just need a little bit more care, love and attention. They don’t need to play a role when they meet a girl, just be yourself and show her that you have a good heart.

The biggest thank you I owe in my life goes out to…
The biggest thank you goes out to my mother and my father for loving me and raising me to be an independent woman with lots of confidence. They gave me and my sisters and my brother all the love in the world and I am forever thankful for that. They always said that as long as they drown us in love, everything else will come by itself.

Where can we find you online?
Twitter: @Shaz111tweet
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