Girl on Girl: Shannon Withers and Jessica Vaugn

SHANNON IS A SOUTHERN BELLE TRANSPLANTED TO SOCAL, and I met her on a shoot this week! A fitness junkie and an extreme sport enthusiast, Shannon is a gorgeous girl you should know!

Hometown/Where you live now?
I am from Atlanta and now live in SoCal!!

You’ve been modeling for 6 years now! How did you get into modeling?
I always had a passion for it when I was young. I started modeling when I was 19 and pretty much fell in love with the camera. It seemed to like me as well, so I’ve just continued as long as the passion is there.

You are into Supercross, X-Games, Superbike racing, and many other extreme sports. How did that fire get lit? I bet guys loved you are into sports!
I honestly was a HUGE tomboy growing up. Any chance I could get to climb a tree or jump in a pond or get dirty, I was at the front of the line! When I was in high school I became fascinated with road racing. I saw these guys racing sports bikes and I just thought, “these dudes are so crazy!” Then I ended up dating one and found out that they were insane in more ways than one!

What is your dream modeling job you’d just die to shoot?
Honestly I just love meeting photographers who have a passion and vision. It’s more about the experience to me and finding someone who wants to capture a look just as much as I do. Of course, we all have dreams, but in reality, I feel grateful to be a part of anything beautiful. I think just being noticed by a random stranger on the street would be a great accomplishment.

I find it irresistible when a guy…
Knows exactly where to touch me without asking.

“I feel grateful to be a part of anything beautiful.”

I am envious of guys because…
They don’t have periods!

What is the best part of being a hot blond?
Dumbest thing ever, but I get to hang out with some pretty amazing DJs. I find them to be incredible artists and sharing the stage w them is pretty awesome.

What do you miss about living in the south?
The kindness of the people. And biscuits. Why the shit does no one in Cali know how to make a biscuit and gravy?

Fitness is a big part of your life! What advise do you have for the guys out there considering getting fit?
Being healthy and active is such a sexy thing to a woman so finding a man who takes care of his body is such a turn on. I believe in always changing things up, keep things exciting- hike, surf, weight train, motocross, football, even join a yoga studio, it’s all sexy! Surround yourself w positive vibes and your body and mind will benefit! You can go wrong. We all like men whose bodies are sexy.

What did you study at the University of Georgia?
Marketing at the Terry College of Business. I wish I learned more but I learned some serious street smarts in college. Can’t teach anyone that.

Find Shannon online:
On Twitter: @shannonwithers

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