Girl on Girl: Sarah Clayton and Jessica Vaugn


Sarah Clayton is a Playboy familiar face we just had to bring back per fan requests! This model has appeared on, in several Special Editions Playboy magazines, & Maxim web features! This real world girl next door gives us a few minutes for a peek into what matters to her, how she’d spends her last days, and why Mila Kunis is the sexiest woman alive!

Hometown: Scranton, PA.

Stats: 32C-24-37.

We’ve seen you as a Playboy Cyber Girl, Playboy Special Editions Model, on, Playboy’s Hot Housewives, and more! What was your favorite Playboy shoot and why?
Both of my Playboy shoots were AMAZING and I had an awesome experience with either one. My first was in NYC in late November, and the city was decorated for Christmas. Walking around the city the night before my shoot was an experience in itself. My second shoot was in LA and I’d never been to the west coast before, so that shoot was probably my favorite because of the chance to see LA and hang out for a little while.

What is your dream modeling job you’d just love to land?
Sports Illustrated! Their shots are the *hottest* and the locations are to die for.

On a date, a guy better NEVER…
Talk about his ex! There *may* be a time for story telling, eventually, if you get past the first few dates…but who wants all that baggage the first time out with someone?

Three traits I look for in a man is:
Sincerity, humor and chivalry.

Where is the most gorgeous woman in the world in your opinion?
Mila Kunis — she’s obviously gorgeous and hot but comes off like she’d be a lot of fun to hang out with and really down to earth and funny.

When did you become a 76ers fan? What’s your proudest moment as a huge fan?
I’ve been probably for about the past 8 years. (My little man — my English Bulldog — is named after Iguoudala.) Proudest moment was Andre Iguoudala’s back-to-back free throws to win in Game 6 against Chicago this past post-season. It was tense, emotional, and I cried out of sheer joy!

The best part of living in Pennsylvania is…
I love where I live in PA because I’m in between NYC and Philadelphia — both are only about two hours away. I love the city and grew up in Philadelphia until I was about 10, but at the same time don’t think I could live with all the traffic. It’s nice where I am because I’m in a semi-rural area but can still drive only a little while and I’m in the center of everything. The only thing I don’t like about where I am is that I’m a little *too* far away for season Sixers tickets…

How did your family and friends react when you posed for Playboy?
My mom thought me posing for Playboy was great and loved going through all the pictures. My dad is aware that I’ve posed but doesn’t want to know any more than that, Ha! Some of my friends were shocked, but everyone’s been really supportive!

If you knew today was your last day on Earth, how would you spend it and why?
Okay, this sounds SO cheesy and typical but I’d want to hang out with my family and get to see everyone for the last time. I’d also want to go nuts eating everything I deprive myself on a regular basis starting with beer, wings and pizza.

You know you can bake unbattered wings and they are not unhealthy if you can skip the dip dressing! Who was the all time sexiest president of the US?

Of course you had to say JFK — that was an easy one! One thing about guys that mystifies you the most?
Whenever guys are in a group together they quote random movies – and can have COMPLETE conversations, just throwing out quotes from movies! I don’t get it, get lost rather quickly and seriously just zone out.

I simply adore…
English Bulldogs. I absolutely love dogs in general but something about English bulldogs and their faces, demeanor and body language is irresistible!

Where can we keep up with you online?