Girl on Girl: Rebecca Witchard and Jessica Vaugn

REBECCA IS A SEXY AUSSIE I just had to bring to TSJ! If a sexy accent, higher education, and long list of magazine credits sounds like the formula for a great model, Rebecca is your girl! And catch this: she’s a twin, which means double the ‘down-unda’ fun!


What do you miss most about Australia?
Definitely my friends and family. I miss the beautiful beaches and bohemian lifestyle of Byron Bay. Before moving to California I spent the previous 2 years in Melbourne. Living there was an adventure! Every day you could discover a new cafe or bar down an alleyway, on a rooftop or underground. It’s renown for its eclectic and vibrant culture.

How are you adapting to SoCal? Any favorite new American foods or pastimes you’ve picked up?
SoCal is just beautiful! I spent my teenage years growing up by the beach, and since moving to Melbourne it was something I missed tremendously. So needless to say I’ve returned to my beach bum roots! This summer I hope to have a lot of bonfires and BBQs on the beach. And surf sessions! There are definitely some unique cuisines that I’ve enjoyed trying, such as Cuban food and Mexican food. I discovered Acai bowls since moving here, and love that Americans mix peanut butter with absolutely everything!

Having a twin must be great! What are the advantages of having a sister who looks just like you?
Some people think we look very similar, whereas others think we look nothing alike! We’re always keen to accept the challenge of convincing the latter that we are indeed twins! We do have the same mannerisms and finish each others’ sentences, which people find very amusing! If you look closely at both of us we do share the same eyes and nose!

Any luck convincing your twin to come to California with you?
Yes! Lara is coming out to visit in June for a couple of months! We’re hoping she will obtain an internship here in California once she graduates college. Fingers crossed!

We’ve seen you in Zoo, Show, Ralph, and more! What is on your to-do list for magazines, especially now that you are in the US?
Playboy and Maxim. Although there are a plethora of magazines out here–I’m a girl spoilt for choice!

I read you’re a vegetarian! What motivated you to give that lifestyle a try and what led you to sticking with it?
It wasn’t really a conscious decision; it was more or less a natural progression, really! I have never been a big meat eater, and once I started eliminating animal products from my diet I realized how energized I felt and how much better my body was functioning. It was then that I decided I would never return to a carnivorous diet.

Where is the best destination you’ve traveled to? What is another place you dream of going one day?
Rome! I love the history, culture, language, food, architecture… I would give up a limb to go back! I also really enjoyed Prague, although if I were to ever return I would give myself more time to explore the city. I love traveling and there are a bunch of places I haven’t been to yet. I’d love to explore more of Europe, travel through South America, and I’ve yet to travel to a tropical island. I have a long list of places to see!

If you could model for any top brand ad campaign in the world, who would you model for?
A brand that promotes a healthy, active, happy and adventurous lifestyle. Combine Lululemon Athletica with Getaway Travels and I’ll be all about it!

What is your favorite physical traits in men?
As cliche as this sounds, I’m more of a personality kinda girl. Although I’m quite fond of tattoos!

As a hot blond with a sexy accent, what do guys approach you with a lot? Do you hear any of the same compliments and pick up lines over and over again? What works and what just makes you laugh and walk away?
I actually don’t get approached very often, and I’m quite naive when it comes to guys trying to pick me up! Americans are a lot more forward in their approach as opposed to Australians! The main thing guys approach me with out here is something to do with my accent! I have someone in my life though, so I kinda just have to laugh and brush it off.

What did you study in college?
After obtaining my Pre-law degree I started studying Psychology with an interest in majoring in Forensics. However my studies were put on halt as I made the move from Australia to California.

What were a few of your New Years’ resolutions, and how are you coming on those things?

Every year I aim to be happy and healthy. I’m sitting here with a smile on my face, and I’m still breathing, so I guess things are looking pretty bloody good!

Where can we keep up with you online?
Twitter: @rebeccawitchard