Girl on Girl: Playboy’s Miss August 2012, Beth Williams and Jessica Vaugn

Playboy’s Miss August 2012 stops by TSJ for a Girl on Girl check in! Beth Williams is a Playboy readers favorite with Model of the Year title, Playboy Cyber Girl, and now Playmate of the month! This all natural girl next door is REALLY the sort of girl you hope lives next door. As sweet-natured as she is beautiful on the outside, the more you learn about Beth, the more she will win you over!

Athens, Ohio.

5’9″ tall; 34C-24-34.

So let’s get right to it! How excited were you to hear it announced you were going to be Miss August? What were you thinking and feeling?
I found out I was going to be Miss August 2012 when I was at the Playboy Mansion. The editor called me and said “congratulations miss Playmate, Miss August 2012!” I must have said thank you a million times! I have been posing for Playboy for a while and to find out I made Playmate was unreal! I tired to call all of my friends and family but no one was answering! So I went and ordered a drink!

You have a lot of college under your belt! That’s excellent! Are people ever surprised by your masters degree in Health Administration, and overall intelligence?
The common misconception today is that Playmates aren’t very intelligent. It’s unfortunate that we get stereotyped this way. However, it is very nice to shocked people when I tell them I have two Bachelors Degrees and a Master’s. Not only people are surprised that I have graduated from college, they’re also surprised that I posed for Playboy still. I have always wanted to be a Playmate and it was a big goal I had set out to accomplish!

What are your modeling goals now that you have achieved Playmate?
I want to continue to work with Playboy Promotions and etc. Also, PMOY would Be insane! I mean, who doesn’t want that? Also, i want to get into more lifestyle print and venture into acting!

Modeling with you was a delight, you are such a gifted and experienced model! What do you think has contributed to you becoming a developed model, not just a pretty face!
Aww thank you! Well, you made it easy to work with! You’re amazing! Working with great people (such as yourself) really helps. Also, I don’t get nervous. If I mess up then I’ll learn from it and improve. I try not to let things get me down because I know that I’ll only get better! I’m also very appreciative for every job I book and I always let the client know. It’s good to stay humble and have a great attitude because I think that shows on camera.

I know all your fans are stoked to see you this year at Glamourcon in Long Beach! Anything special you want to share with fans who might be on the fence about coming to Glamourcon that will convince them to come out?
Umm hello? A huge room full of Playboy Playmates, Cyber Girls, and Special edition models should be enough to convince anyone to come out!

Who is your celebrity crush?
Brad Pitt! He’s super good looking but I don’t think he’s my type! I like “normal” country boys!

If you could create a model mansion, what model girlfriends are you moving into your fairy tale house?
This is a tough one! Well, for sure Playmates Shelby Chesnes, Jessa Hinton, Kara Monaco, and Ameila Talon. Also, your cute butt and Playboy model Aisha Jamal.

I am SO there! You were just at the Playboy Mansion for the big Halloween party! What did you dress up as and what was a couple of the highlight memories you made that night?
I was a kitty cat! I bought the costume the day before! Talk about procrastination! The party was great! It was nice to hang out with friends and eat, drink, and have a great time! Shelby (Miss July 2012) and I went through the haunted house after it was closed! It was really neat! I also got the pleasure of meeting some really nice celebs.

Tell us about your project YOR Health.
YOR Health is a nutrition company that I have had the opportunity to work with. Their products are amazing and it allows individuals to lose or maintain weight in a HEALTHY way! Also, they have other great products that anyone can benefit from! I’m a big advocate for staying healthy and getting the nutrition our bodies need. As a model, I travel a ton and these products help me stay healthy!

One misunderstanding people have about me that I’d like to clear up is:
I think people think models in general don’t work hard and our job is easy. Don’t get me wrong, I LOVE what I do, but it is work. I drive to the airport on no sleep, work 8+ hours (in high heels!). Also, sometimes we have to work in freezing cold weather with hardly anything on. When I’m not shooting, I’m always networking, fixing my website, and working out. So, modeling does take a toll on you. Just because I don’t have a standard 9-5 job doesn’t mean I’m not working!

Where can we keep up with you online?
Twitter: @MsBethWilliams
Instagram: MsBethWilliams