Girl on Girl: Playboy Cybergirl Erica Jackson and Jessica Vaugn

Erica Jackson is a recent buddy of mine that I just had to share with TSJ! Erica is a Playboy Cyber Girl as well as a multi-editions Special Editions model! This all-natural beauty shares the details of her modeling career, her tastes for guys with long hair, and clears up an Internet rumor.

Girl on Girl: Playboy Cyber Girl Erica Jackson and Jessica Vaugn

32C- 22- 34.

Spokane, Washington.

What do you miss most about your hometown in Washington?
I’d have to say my family. They all live in WA state, so I only get to see them about once or twice a year.

What work have you done with Playboy?
I was a Cyber Girl on 2009, then a few years later I was in Playboy Natural Beauties, Playboy Lingerie, Playboy Nude, and one other Playboy Special Editions magazines.

When you made the big leap to move to LA for the fit model job, how scared were you? Were you more excited? Totally open minded about the future? What was that period like for you?
I wasn’t scared, I was very much excited to start a new life, see the ocean for the first time, and take in all that California had to offer me.

Describe your perfect guy!
My perfect guy is someone I can be myself around. Someone who makes me laugh, and loves life as much as I do. I’m a sucker for a beautiful face and long hair, so that’s always a plus if he has that. I like a man to be driven, and who works hard everyday towards reaching his life goals.

Tell us about Taste Electric!
Taste Eclectic is a business I started about a year ago. I have this deep love for vintage EVERYTHING, so I thought to myself, “How can I give other vintage, antique lovers the same great things I’ve collected?” So I started Taste Eclectic. It’s and online store, that features one of a kind items I’ve collected from all over the world. I have everything from rotary phones, to vintage furs, paintings, handcrafted jewelry, and much much more. Its a great company and I’m extremely happy I started it!

Any big thanks yous you owe a few special people out there for your career advancing?
Yes, I want to thank Playboy for helping me put my name on the map. Working with them has been such such a great experience, and has opened so many other doors.

How awesome you are learning videography! What challenges are you facing being new in the biz, as well as any advice for anyone thinking about getting into video work?
Being a new videographer/video editor is amazing! The thing I find challenging is making what goes on in my head come to life on video, and editing it in a way that creates the exact story I’m trying to tell. You can have a dream, a vision, a feeling. Still, it means nothing if you can’t express it. I want to captivate my viewers, give them the same emotions I experienced while making the video.

Over the past few months I’ve shot a lot of models and edited a lot of videos. But I’m cutting back on that so I can spend more time perfecting my craft. Nine months from now I’m going to release a video project that will really change the way people see my videos. I have a very dark side, and can’t wait to share it through video and take people to places the mind can only dream about. I like to describe my mind as a mixture of Tim Burton, Russ Myers, and Rob zombie. There’s a quote by Tim Burton I just love and it’s, “One person’s craziness is another persons reality.” I hope to share my crazy visions and ideas to the world through my videos!

My advice to the people wanting to get into video is GO FOR IT. It’s the best decision I ever made for myself. Its fun and you learn something new every time. Not just about editing video, but about yourself, your mind, and your creativity. Editing video is hard don’t get me wrong…. but It’s worth it! So give it all you got, and think like there is NO PLAN B.

What should we know about your pet project Model Citizen?
Model Citizen is a great charity that provides backpacks filled with over 150 emergency supply items. These backpacks truly are life savers if you are homeless or been effected by a natural disaster. I encourage everyone to go visit the website at for more information on how you can help make a difference.

You are every guys fantasy with your outdoor hobbies! From fly fishing to snowboarding to frequenting nude beaches, you are just awesome!
Ha! Yes, I can keep up with the boys!

Any misconceptions about you you’d like to clear up for everyone?
Yes…. and I’ll make it quick. No, I never had sex with Chris Brown. No I haven’t ever had any work done EVER! That’s all! :)

Where can we keep up with you online?


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