Girl on Girl: Melissa Jean and Jessica Vaugn

Melissa Jean is a Florida Playboy model you might recognize from Playboy’s Sexy 100, Playboy Hot Buns, Book of Lingerie, Natural Beauties Special Edition and more! This professional massage therapist will more than soothe your muscles, if you know what I mean!

Vital Stats:
5’9″, 125 lbs, 32B-25-34

West Palm Beach, FL

You told Playboy you love to travel! Where the your favorite place you’ve been and where are you dieing to go you haven’t gone yet?
I love NYC, LA, San Francisco, Hawaii and London… Looking forward to Vancouver, Alaska, all over Europe. Africa would be surreal, South America would be beautiful, and Japan would be awesome too! I want to go everywhere!

We’ve seen you in Playboy’s Sexy 100 2010, Big Boobs & Hot Buns 2009, Natural Beauties Fall 2009, Sexy 100 2009, Natural Beauties April/May 2009! What was your favorite set and why? 

I think my favorite set was what they used for my cover of Playboy Nudes and the 11 page spread. It was actually all natural light. I just loved the simplicity of the white couch, my gold heels, and dark hair against it. I didn’t need any clothes!

You’re a massage therapist by profession, how did you get into that?
My best friend was in school for it, she would come to my place and practice on me when we were 19. Then I moved away, started modeling, and didn’t think about it until a couple years later when I wanted to take a little break from modeling.

You told Playboy a guys smile can win you over, but bad teeth and breath make you run the other way; does this mean you’re orally fixated?
I don’t obsess over it or anything, but it’s definitely important!!

It made all the boys tingle when you gave Playmate AJ Alexander a massage on camera for Playboy Cyber Club. That had to be one of the best ideas in Playboy web ever! What extras can you share with us about the massage?
It was definitely the longest day of massaging ever! I think we were shooting it for about 10 hours… I was so tired. AJ is very ticklish… We had to do several scenes over and over because she would burst our laughing, which caused me to burst laughing out also! We had a lot of fun with it.

What is your opinion of the pirates downloading Playboy sets and uploading them to the web?
It’s just one of those things I know is going to happen, but there’s not much I can do about it. I guess from a model’s standpoint, it’s kind of a good thing because more people will come across your work more.

What’s next for you in regards to your career?
I have been traveling full time since the end of 2010. I plan to continue traveling for the next few years, and look forward to traveling abroad starting this year! I’m open to ideas and looking for sponsors!

Where can fans see your modeling work?
& Playboy web of course!

Watch Melissa Jean give a girlfriend a foot massage: 

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