Girl on Girl: Mandee Varela and Jessica Vaugn

THIS WEEK’S SPOTLIGHT IS ON CALIFORNIAN MANDEE VARELA, a former Junior Olympics diving competitor. Not only an impressive athlete (she’s into swimming, diving, and gymnastics), Mandee is a lovely model who puts the truth first!

Hometown/Where you live now?
I’m from Long Beach, CA. I now reside in Cypress, CA.

What was it like doing the Junior Olympics? How did you get into swimming and diving competitively?
Being on the Junior Olympics team for diving was a fun, sweaty, the strongest thrill, mile-high experience! I’m so thankful for my previous coaches who helped support me and encouraged me to believe I can have a chance to represent the U.S. But the one thing I loved also was being motivated to see my friends again at the next competition in there home towns. My journey started when I saw billboard of a woman doing a hard thing she made looked so graceful, it was a billboard for Kodak.

What is your biggest modeling goal you have yet to achieve?
I just want to be a an inspiration, my dream, to be an inspiration to any woman or young woman to feel as beautiful and sexy as she wants to be and use it.

If you hit it huge, what is the most important charitable endeavor you’d sponsor?
Do I need to be a monogamous sponsor? The two I would support would be a cancer studies organization and the other is kids and teens suffering from mental illness. I can’t stop there!… Another would be to help support kids and teens to choose a better path to achieving a dream!

Are you into the rocker, jock, or nerdy type?
I love my rocker, jock, or nerd as long as he is a gentleman!

Who is coming to your celebrity threesome?!
Seth Green and Channing Tatum!!

Are far as dating goes, what is the one thing that would make you ditch a guy and never take him back?
I’m sure no woman like a dishonest and controlling man… “Fool me once, shame on you. Fool me twice, shame on me!”

What is the sweetest thing a guy has ever done for you? Did it win him a lot of points?
Encouragement. That’s way better than a three-pointer, touch down or goal on my score board!

What is the best thing about being a California girl?
I’m a girl who gets to do everything! The possibilities are endless!

If you had the chance to pass Hef a quick note, what would it say?
What a lucky man, check yes or no!

Where can we keep up with news about your modeling and life?