Girl on Girl: Lisa Marie and Jessica Vaugn

Lisa Marie is a sultry Norwegian model now living in New York, and shooting her tail off! She is a several-time FHM Magazine cover model, as well as a successful commercial model and dancer. Read on to hear what she needs in a man, her favorite things about her body, and how to keep watch for her updates online!

Vital Stats:
5’5″ 33-24-33″

Norwegian, originally, but pretty mixed. My grandmother and her family come from southern Europe, and my family is also from Italy and Croatia and Germany.

You dance as well as model and act. What can you tell us about Viva Performance Couture?
Yes, but at the moment I’m not doing it. I loved to be a part of VIVA, but I don’t got the time these days as I now focus on my school/acting/screenwriting and my modeling career. I wish I got time for all of it. VIVA is such an unique show concept that a friend of mine started in Norway. The show is a mix of show dance, performance moves, and burlesque. It’s very sexy and fun. And the girls are gorgeous.

I LOVE your little face! I think you will still look like a teen when you are in your 30s, and that’s a blessing, right?! What is your favorite physical trait about yourself?
Thank you, that’s nice of you. I guess that’s a blessing. My favorite physical trait is that I’m athletic, my skin is good (and I take good care of it). And I like my hourglass shape.

Congrats on ANOTHER upcoming FHM cover! We can’t wait to see what sexy is in store for us! Can you describe the shoot for us?
Thank you! It’s a very sexy but natural shoot. We shot it in the summer, so I got that beachy, sexy look, with my natural curls and tanned skin. I love that. I’ve done several covers for the Norwegian FHM, but I think I have to say that this one is my favorites so far. Actually, the idea for behind the beach and look were mine. I’m grateful they let me come up with my idea, since I always have lot’s of ideas when it comes to photography.

Where have you traveled for shoots? You’ve got pictures from NYC to Paris!
I’ve been around, and I love it. Thailand, Paris, New York, London, Warsaw, Stockholm, Copenhagen and lots of other places. It’s an interesting way to see the world.

Who are your heroes, in life and in modeling?
Many. So many. My mom, successful film makers, singers like Jim Morrison, and classical geniuses like Chopin, Mozart and Philip Glass. I also admire lots of actors. The really good ones or the ones that just bring something special to a movie. I admire models like Natalia Vodianova, Naomi Campbell and Kate Moss. And the most important: I admire those people that stand up and say what they mean, that fight for goodness and their rights. And the ones that struggle in life, but really fight and keep strong. They’re all my heroes.

The guys want to know, what is the key to your heart?
Goodness and honesty, along with being adventurous and not being judgmental.

The best part about being a nude model is…
A tricky one… I actually don’t consider myself as a full nude model, more a semi nude/art or lingerie model, and also a beauty model. The best part of being a model like me is to express myself and create nice pictures. I love that!

What is your biggest modeling dream job you haven’t done yet?
A big hair, jewelry or make-up campaign. And a big swim campaign, for example Sports Illustrated.

If you could win ANY competition in the world, what would it be?
I don’t like competitions that much, but it would be Miss Universe or an athletics/running competition. I did win the Playboy’s 50th Anniversary Bunny search in Europe last year though.

What are your life plans, post-modeling?
Something in the field of film; acting, writing, screenwriting… something else that is creative!

Where can we keep up with you online?
Web: and blog is COMING THIS MONTH
Twitter: lisamariewinth
Facebook: Just got my own fan page coming up! Search my name and like ;)


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