Girl on Girl: Lana Elyse and Jessica Vaugn

Lana Elyse is a new face (and body) to!! Though new to the site, she’s not new to glamour modeling, having posed for magazines like Show. Read on to learn a little about this alluring lady!

Stats: 5’8″, 34B-24-34″.

Ethnicity: Mexican and Black.

Hometown: Stockton, California (NorCal).

As a self professed chatty girl with a knack for lifting moods, how might you cheer your man up after seeing him down all day?

I’ve faced this one before! After seeing my man down in the dumps, I like to talk to him, comfort him, let him know I’m always there for him, snuggle up to him, make him laugh. Then when it seems like his mood is lifting, I kiss him all over and give him a nice workout! (If ya catch my drift.) ;-)

Playboy is the best men’s magazine because…

Playboy is the best men’s magazine because not only is it legendary and it changed the world, but it celebrates the beauty of women and it has been a force in launching a model’s career. Also what other magazine makes a “non nude” model light up and want to drop her clothes in a heartbeat at the mention of the name?

Growing up with all brothers, people may have thought you’d turn out to be a tomboy — but instead you’re all feminine! Who are your female role models both professionally and personally?

Professionally, I’ve looked up to models such as Joanna Krupa and Jessica Burciaga. Personally, I’ve always favored certain traits from various women. I’ve always emulated women with a sense of humor, who don’t judge, treat everybody equally, women who are confident in themselves, strong women who keep a good balance. And I also have to give some credit to those women out there who are snobs, troublemakers, and who are just plain rude because they’ve taught me how NOT to be.

You’ve said men love to wrap their arms around your tiny waist! What physical traits in guys turn you on the most?

Oh, man there are so many! I love height — but what girl doesn’t? I love strong arms, nice abs, dark hair, a nice smile… and I also like chest hair! A lot of women I know don’t like chest hair, but I sure do. Not a lot like a jungle, but ya know; just enough.

What made you want to become a model?

I always kind of thought about it growing up, but as I got a little older I learned about a site called Model Mayhem. I went from simply having fun taking pictures, to seriously wanting to build a portfolio and get work. MM was the starting point though. I saw my progress in modeling and in my portfolio, and that encouraged me to pursue things further. Since I’ve been modeling I’ve done many web/print magazine features, modeled for some clothing lines, and this year is going to hopefully be the best yet. I’m excited to be doing this interview for The Smoking Jacket, and I have a lot of magazine work coming up this Spring/Summer!

After modeling for four years now, why sentence would sum up your advice for upcoming models?

Set goals, make connections, do your submissions, be able to handle rejection, keep things moving, and very importantly, stay humble.

Where do you hope to be in five years?

I hope to be living back in SoCal, still modeling and working in the entertainment industry, being an advisor to other models, and being happy with the love of my life.

The biggest misconception people have about me is…

That I diet and workout all the time to stay skinny! Or people just think I don’t eat. It’s really annoying and hurtful. The thing is, I’ve been skinny my entire life. Always hated it — can’t gain a pound. I’ve had my thyroid checked for problems, asked doctors why I can’t seem to put weight on, but turns out it’s just a fast metabolism. And I’m no picky eater either! I’m a big girl in a dainty woman’s body.

Where can we keep up with you online?
Twitter: @LanaTheModel