Girl on Girl: Kerri Taylor and Jessica Vaugn

Kerri Taylor is a sexy brunette vixen walking on the wild side! This latex loving lady shares her strange email exchanges, her likes and dislikes about men, and everything in between!

Girl on Girl: Kerri Taylor

What is your hometown and where do you live now?

I was born in the Northern NJ area. I lived in south NJ for a few years with a boyfriend and then Philadelphia for a while too. I HATED Philly as it is so ghetto — luckily I was only there a year, though. I’m back in northern NJ now.

Tell us your vitals.

Measurements: 36C-29-38.
Height 5’5 Weight 130.
Hair: Brown Eyes: Brown.
Ethnicity: Yugoslavian, polish, German, French, Norwegian, Irish, Swedish, English… etc!

Where have we seen your modeling?

You have seen me in Easyriders magazine on the cover and centerfold and in another feature for them for the top ten topless. I was also in the Easyriders Calendar, in Gothic Beauty, Secret magazine, and Stiff magazine, and on a bunch of websites. You have probably also seen me in a bunch of cheesy B-movies or on showtime or HBO in one of those late night cable girly nudie movies.

If you could send Hef a private note that could only be length of a fortune cookie, what would you write to him?

Thanks for all the years of hot naked girls!

Who is your favorite Playmate or Playboy model of all time?

My favorite Playboy models are probably Pamela Anderson and Carmen Electra. They are both such hotties!!

On a first date, what things can win a guy major points with you? What things will make you never see him again?

I’ve always loved gothic/skater tattooed type boys! As far as personality, I like guys who are nice, genuine, are motivated and guys who treat me with respect. I like guys who can make me laugh  as well. If he said he loves guinea pigs that would be a huge plus as I have five of them and they are my furry children. Also, if he took me to a burlesque show, that would be a major plus for me as I love burlesque. I hate guys who are arrogant, shady, drunks, ghetto, or losers. If you spend the whole time telling me how great you are and making fun of other people, or being sketchy, I’m probably not hanging out with you again. If you get trashed and I have to actually carry you out of the restaurant and my dad has to drive your car home, that’s pretty bad too. (This happened when one of my ex-boyfriends met my parents.) Yeah! Needless to say that relationship didn’t last too long!! If you have no job and you live in your parents’ basement and get stoned and play video games all day, that’s not going to work for me either.

What do you perceive as the sexier things about yourself?

I like my boobs and my butt… so do a lot of other people! I love my long wavy hair as well!

Who inspires you?

As far as models, I really look up to Mosh, Lauren WK, and Jade Vixen. They are always so flawlessly styled and beautiful and have accomplished so much. I love rubberdoll as well. She always has the best outfits and is so beautiful. For art nude models, I adore Katy T for her posing ability.

What were you like in school?

I was nerdy, quiet, skinny, and flat chested but still had a big booty! I was always one of the best-dressed. I had a new outfit and shoes every day.

“If he said he loves guinea pigs that would be a huge plus as I have five of them and they are my furry children.”

What is your sex and relationship advice for guys?

My relationship advice would be for guys to be honest and treat girls with respect and to appreciate her. No one wants to date a jerk player or someone that is totally shady and dishonest. Also you should be willing to compromise — if you drag her to some boring ass sports game, you should be willing to go to the theater or something with her.

List something adversarial you were able to overcome you don’t mind sharing.

I was very shy and awkward when I was younger and made fun of a lot so I guess modeling helped me come out of my shell a little. I’m much more comfortable in my own skin now.

My ULTIMATE modeling assignment would be…

There is not one specific thing I wanted to do, but I guess I would like to be a Playboy Cybergirl, and would like to do more magazine features in glamour and in fetish magazines. I would also like to do more TV commercials/shows, and music videos. I love burlesque as well and would love to put together my own burlesque act one of these days. I also like to sing, so I would love to do that somehow as well.

Lets say you were planning a celebrity threesome… who are you inviting?

Hmm.. I think Adam Levine from Maroon Five, Ryan Philippe, Ryan Reynolds, Zac Efron, Max Theirot, and Bradley Cooper are hot! I can’t choose which ones I would pick. Everyone else I like is pretty gay or borderline gay. Hahahaa. For the girls, Katy Perry Megan Fox, Mila Kunis, Jessica Alba are pretty hot, too!

What is the most ridiculous thing a photographer has asked you to do for a shoot?

I have been asked to do tons of ridiculous stuff! One that sticks out was when this guy booked me for a campy bondage shoot, then said, “Oh, by the way, you will be masturbated by foam/rubber self-made octopus tentacles.” WHAT? I passed… This other guy asked me to and another girl to remake the centipede from the human centipede movie and of course he would be in the middle. Gross. I think I just wrote back, “Ewwwww!” Then blocked him!

I’m the ideal woman because…

I’m the ideal woman because sexy and smart and I have a good head on my shoulders and I have awesome boobs, too! Yay!

Where can we keep up with you online?

Facebook Fan Page