Girl on Girl: Kelly Travis and Jessica Vaugn

Kelly Travis is one of the hottest CEOs walking around Atlanta! If you like a brunette, baby-faced hotties with long legs, then Kelly is for you! I met Miss Kelly on a photo shoot last month. I’ve met hundreds of models in person, but I still found myself staring at this one when she’d walk by!

Hometown/Where you live now:
Born in Conyers, Georgia, right outside of Atlanta. I’ve lived in Atlanta for the last 10 years.

Bronzed Atlanta is your baby! How did you know you were ready to own a business and what to market?
I spent most of my professional career as a CEO’s right hand. After years of working my tail off helping run businesses with nothing to show for it, I realized it was time to branch out. I took a leap and luckily landed on both feet. Obviously, there have been struggles along the way–but what successful business doesn’t have them? I’m thankful for my many mentors.

You’ve had a friend suffer from skin cancer which thrust you in the direction of marketing healthy alternatives to skin damaging UV rays. What’s the back story?
It’s amazing how many of us think it won’t happen to us. A friend was diagnosed with melanoma at 26! I try to educate people as much as possible. She was one of those “it won’t happen to me”. She was able to catch it early, some aren’t so fortunate. Watching her go through that was difficult. And in the end something great came out of it, Bronzed Atlanta. Did you know every 4 times you lay in a tanning bed your risk of melanoma increases by 11 percent? Not only does a spray tan help prevent skin cancer, we can spray areas tanning beds miss, ie: butt smiles. Sure, it’s more maintenance, but definitely worth it.

I love your crystal eyes and your baby face! What is your most complimented feature? What is your favorite part of your own body?
Ah, you’re sweet! You know it’s funny, growing up I was made fun of for my chicken legs and big lips–now those are the things people compliment me on. I guess I’m pretty fond of my skin. And my feet. I have really pretty feet.

The best part of modeling is…
Having a creative outlet. You can really be anything you wish in front of a camera.

The celeb I would DIE to meet is…
Living? Angelina Jolie. She’s so dark yet light and good with all her charity work. I like that. Not living? Marylin Monroe. What an icon.

What is your most humorous story about spray tanning someone?
I have so many! I had a client go into labor during her spray tan appointment. She called her doctor to ask how to slow down the process, he suggested soaking in a hot tub. Which, obviously wasn’t an option with her new glow! I finished the appointment and she later gave birth to her daughter. Could you imagine what the nurses were thinking? At least she had a Bronzed Atlanta glow for pictures.

Between a night in with a movie, delivery dinner with your besty; or a night out with all your friends living it up, lipstick, & making memories, what are you likely opting for?
Oh, I’m a huge fan of themed parties. Any excuse to dress up more wild than normal and we’re in. Dinner and a movie with the girls would bore me to tears! They are much more fun when they are drinking– don’t tell them I said that.

If a guy was trying to get your attention at a club, what is one thing that will make you take notice of him?
Be tall, dark and handsome?

What is your sex/relationship advice for guys seeking a girl like you?
I’m a big fan of passion and humor. A guy has to be passionate about something, even if it’s sports. And I could never take a guy seriously if he didn’t make me spit water out my nose from laughing!

Where can we keep up with you online?