Girl on Girl: Kayla B and Jessica Vaugn

KAYLA B IS A BRUNETTE CALIFORNIA GIRL WITH KILLER LIPS! The makeup artist turned model shares her celeb crush and tells you how to keep up with her on her social networks!

I grew up in Rohnert Park, Ca. It’s a smaller town in Sonoma County. I moved to LA 3 years ago and I can honestly say there’s never a dull moment!

What’s the biggest modeling goal you have yet to achieve?
Modeling just recently became more of a focus for me… I would kill to be the face of a well known cosmetics brand! Why not shoot for the stars?

If you had no budget restraints, what charity would you support?
I really believe in giving to charities that educate about health and being fit, and also helping those that have given up on themselves. Get America Fit is a great organization doing just that.

As far as guys go, are you into athletes, nerds, bad boys?
Can’t I just have it all? Haha! I’m more into the artsy type, to be honest. I get along with the creative/borderline/weird personalities because they are usually really funny too. But I do prefer somewhat muscular types so that means he’s gotta be an art nerd that hits the gym!

What single act would make you throw a guy out of your life and never forgive him?
If a guy ever laid a hand on me, he’d be history.

What’s the sweetest thing a guy ever did for you? Did it win him a lot of points?
For my birthday last year my guy painted me a picture of an owl for my place. That melted my heart. I love personalized gifts because they mean so much more! He definitely scored!!

Whose in your celebrity threesome?
Adriana Lima and Joe Manganiello!

Ohh a Joe Manganiello fan huh? Would you be jealous to know I was in a furniture store in Hollywood with him? He was easy to spot in an otherwise empty room! If you could script out how you’d meet him, what scenario might evolve?
I’m a huge fan of True Blood and when he was cast, I was even more glued to the television. I fantasize about meeting him when I hike Runyon Canyon, and think maybe it would be cool if we could both turn into wolves and run around the canyon. Totally weird, dorky and pretty much impossible–HA!

If you had the chance to pass Hef a quick note, what would it say?
I’d want to ask him how he deals/handles/copes when life throws him a curve ball.

I love your exotic eye shape and color, and your full lips! What is your favorite part of yourself physically?
My favorite feature would have to be my hair. I was teased for it a lot when I was younger because it was hard to manage, and it always looked like an unruly, rat’s nest! Now strangers stop me on the street to touch it and ask me if it’s real. I’ve learned to embrace it and the many ways I can style it!

Where can we keep up with news about your modeling and life?
Twitter: @Miss_KaylaB


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