Girl on Girl: Jessie Shannon and Jessica Vaugn

JESSIE SHANNON IS ONE SEXY BRUNETTE. She has appeared both in Playboy Special Editions and on Hopefully you’ll be seeing plenty more of this fit girl, not just on TSJ, but in many men’s magazines—something that would be a dream come true for this Midwestern model!

Vital Stats:

Detroit, MI

What is your DREAM modeling job or goal?
My dream modeling job has always been to be a Victoria’s Secret model, besides being featured in Playboy, of course.

We LOVE your Playboy Hot Housewives shoot! Photographer Josh Ryan shot you like a goddess… great work, babe! How did it feel to see your pictures in Playboy?
It’s amazing. I’d been trying to get noticed by Playboy for quite some time, and I was so excited when they said they wanted to feature me. All of the feedback on the feature has been wonderful.

What do you consider unforgivable boyfriend behavior?
Lying. That’s the one thing I can never forgive. Relationships should be based on honesty and respect for each other. Lying is complete disrespect.

You travel all over the world as a model; where is your favorite place to visit?
The Caribbean has always been my favorite place to visit. It’s always warm and I am a huge fan of lying on the beach all day! And the water is so beautiful.

What is your biggest modeling goal?
Well I am trying to build Jessie Shannon as a brand name, so I guess my main goal is to have my name known around the world.

You are TIGHT! Any tips for our readers on how to stay as fit as you?
Thanks! I follow a strict routine, with the most important factor being running every day. The elliptical is my best friend. I turn the resistance up as far as I can and use it for as long and as fast as I can. I also do lunges, leg raises, calf raises, squats, crunches, bench press, dips, pull-ups, push-ups, pull-downs and fly’s as my main workouts. As far as diet goes, I just eat healthy foods—lots of protein—and never, ever touch fast food.

Who is your hero?
My hero is my grandfather. He died of lung cancer a few years ago, and he’d had to battle every day for years beforehand. Throughout the entire ordeal he stayed positive and strong and never gave up hope. He could of easily thrown in the towel, but instead he smiled every day and stayed strong for my grandmother. I miss him a lot. He always told me to reach for my dreams and to never give up!

Guys really give you props for your behind! What is your favorite part of your body?
My eyes. I just love the way they are shaped. They are my secret weapon! But of course I do like my behind too. I put a lot of effort into that butt.

How did you get into fitness and glamour modeling?
It was the cliché photographer sees me in the mall and asks if I had ever thought about modeling. It caught me off guard, being approached, but I had always thought about it. So I took his card and gave it a shot. After that first shoot I was addicted. So I started to build a portfolio and networked like crazy. I worked really hard to learn everything I could and get better with every shoot.

Do you have any desire to leave Detroit, or do you think you’ll stay put?
I know Detroit is not the market I should be in for modeling, which is why I travel so often. It would be nice to move to a major market that would require less traveling. It’s a toss-up between Miami or LA. I will be spending a lot of time in both cities developing more networks until I decide to make a permanent move.

What is your favorite trait in a guy?
Besides being physically fit, I like a guy who is motivated! Someone who sets high goals for himself and works as hard as he can to reach those goals and is successful.

How can we keep up with you online?
Google +:




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