Girl on Girl: Tonya Michelle and Jessica Vaugn… Go at it Again

Girl on Girl: Jessica Vaugn and Tonya Michelle

Tonya Michelle is a face we know well over here at TSJ! We brought this Florida ray of sunshine back to share her new photo shoot and see what’s new with this raven-haired babe!

How have you been since your TSJ Girl on Girl interview?

Hey! I’ve been great, keeping myself busy with work and getting into better shape. Everyday is a step closer to the body that I’m working hard to get.

We love the new photos! Where did you shoot them? What was the shoot like? Have you worked with that photographer before?

Thank you. The photos were shot here in Miami beach. The photos with the white background were simply shot in my apartment by a photographer named James Young. Last time I shot with James we got published in BarCode Magazine with a six-page spread! It was such a fun shoot and in a such relaxed atmosphere. The beach photos were shot at 1am after a long night at work. I got glamed-up by Amber Flowers with hair and makeup and then an amazing eye by Joey Wright we killed the shoot. These are my favorite photos to date. I’ve worked with Joey before and we shot a College Mansion Bud Light Calendar.

I see you were accumulating sand all over… I bet that took some time to get off you! Do you like shooting on the beach or do you like to stay clean at the studio more?

Shooting at the beach is one of my favorite places to shoot. You have endless scenery and there’s nothing like a the beauty of nature behind you. The sand does get a little crazy at times but that usually ends up being the best photo you take. Nothing wrong with getting a little dirty right!!?? *Wink Wink*

What upcoming things do you have scheduled you’d like to share?

I have exciting news with a couple huge magazines coming up that has to do with an obsession of mine; Sneakers! I’m currently scheduling those shoots now and can’t wait to release the great news. It’s going to be sexy yet show my tomboy side. Basketball is my love & sneakers just happen to be a new hobby of mine. Shout out to all the sneakerheads!!


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