Girl on Girl: Jessica Vaugn and Felicia Satto

Felicia is a best friend of mine way back from middle school! For years this girl has shown herself to be nothing short of the best kind of friend anyone could ask for. She’s a very attractive person inside and out. This little bit is that great combo of cute and sexy — you’ll know what I mean when you open her image gallery! She’s new to Twitter, so follow her and encourage a sexy #FriskyFriday pic and make sure you check in with TSJ on Friday for a roundup of the best, like last week’s TGI #FriskyFriday!!

I’ve never interviewed a model I’ve known all my life! I just want to thank you for being a great friend and never losing touch!
Thank you, Jess! I am so glad you have been a part of my life all of these years! Can’t wait to come visit!

Where are you from and where are you now?
I am from Derby, Kansas, I currently live in Kansas City, Missouri.

What’s the best thing that had come out of modeling for you?
The best thing that has come out of modeling for me is basically being an artist and achieving one of my goals. When you want to do something, it feels great to accomplish it!

What’s the biggest goal with modeling you hope to achieve? Any one job in particular you would just love to land?
The biggest goal in modeling I could hope to achieve would be to be a Victoria’s Secret model! They are amazing women! A particular job I would love to land would to be in movies. I love cheesy horror movies, so I would love to be featured in something like that. (A special interest I share with you, Jessica!)

You recently moved to Kansas City! How are you liking it? Anything you suggest to anyone that might make their way there in the future?
I love Kansas City, there is so much to do here, but I am ready for a little more ocean or mountains in my life! So I plan to move to California or Colorado this year. For anyone that visits Kansas City, they should make sure to get some barbecue, of course!

Where is the craziest place you’ve messed around with a guy? We know you have more than one amazing story for us! Spill it!
The craziest place I have messed around with a guy is on a beach, we didn’t think anyone else was there, but when we went to leave we could see that people could see right where we were, and we had to walk right by them…

Naughty, naughty! You’re a professional chemist… Beauty and brains! Tell us what you do day to day, and what college was like preparing for a job in chemistry.
I love chemistry! I analyze drug metabolites using GC/MS… foreign language for some, gas chromatography, mass spectrometry and LC/MS/MS. I am planning on continuing my career in chemistry with medicinal research.

What are the traits you look for in a guy on a first date?
The traits I look for in a guy on a first date would for him to be able to keep up with me in a conversation, or be able to surpass me, but most importantly for him to be as silly as me and make me laugh… a lot!

What’s your advice for guys when it comes to trying to get a girl like you?
The advice I would give a guy trying for a girl like me is don’t give up! I will notice if you are really trying, because, of course, I am hard to get!

Where can we keep up with you online? 
Twitter: @FeliciaSatto

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