Girl on Girl: Jade Bryce and Jessica Vaugn

Jade Bryce is Playboy Cyber Girl of the month for February 2012! This native Texan has as much going on on the outside as she does on the inside! Read on to learn her passion for Playboy, kids, and blues music! With the face of a supermodel and the body of a bombshell, we know Jade will be burned into your memory!

Vital Stats:
36-23-32D (natural), 5’3″.

Congrats on Cyber Girl of the Month! Your features look gorgeous! What was your favorite part of your CGOM shoot?
I’ve always wanted to go to Chicago, so being able to do the shoot there was really cool! I love blues dancing and Chicago is great for that! Of course the crew was a blast too!

After having touched four of the seven continents, tell us about your recent trip to Africa!
Africa is always such an experience! It’s definitely not a vacation. I work with rescued child soldiers, victims of the genocide, and orphans while there. It’s intense and definitely is a perspective shifter.

What impacted you most about your African experience?
The people there are just so grateful and happy with so little. I have seen children die of starvation, villages town apart by the war… and yet this still say “I will be better tomorrow” when you ask them how they are doing. They still have hope.

Welcome to LA! What do you miss most about home in Austin, TX?
Blues dancing! I’m a pro, haha. I also miss my cute little apartment on the lake. But LA has been so welcoming and such a blast! And I’m here for a purpose!

Who is in your celebrity threesome?
Josh Hartnett and Mila Kunis!!

I love your alluring face, smile, and tight tummy! What is your biggest complimented feature? What about your favorite part of yourself physically?
My biggest complimented feature is probably my eyes or smile… I’d say my favorite parts of my body are my eyes and boobs!

If you hadn’t gotten involved with modeling, what would you be doing right now?
My dream has always been to act and help children in need!

Are you more likely to marry a rock star personality or a computer genius personality?
Oh hell, haha. I love nerds with a rock star look.

Where did your love of blues music develop from?
I was born in New Orleans, so it must be in my blood! One of my favorite dates was at a blues bar… so maybe it started there too! I just love swinging my hips to the sound of the harmonica and stomping my feet to the drums!!! I’ve actually got it on the record player now, haha!

What components would make up your dream photo shoot?
Elephants or monkeys… I’m a weird girl.

Have you thought about owning a business? What might you want to get into, if so?
Definitely something to do with helping children!

Where can we keep up with you online?
Twitter: @thejadebryce