Girl on Girl: Gianna Mazzon and Jessica Vaugn

Gianna is an American model currently living in Europe! A fitness and glamour model, Gianna has familiarized herself with the Playboy crowd after appearing in Playboy Special Editions magazines, MMA Fitness Magazine, and Planet Fitness!

5’7, 130lbs, 34-29-33. Brown eyes, from Italian and Puerto Rican nationality.

I just adore your Playboy shoot with Jarmo for Hot Housewives! What are your thoughts on the shoot and the feature?
I loved shooting with Jarmo for hot housewives. I have always loved his style and working with him was a dream. He really knows the right poses to bring out the beautiful curves in a girl. His photos of me are still my favorite to this day.

We miss you on the West Coast! How are you adapting to Germany and European way of life? Are you picking up the language?
I miss the west coast as well. I have learned just enough German to get by here but not enough to have a full conversation yet. But I love Germany and Europe in general.

Are you able to shoot much in Germany?
I am not able to shoot as much here in Germany most times it’s the language barrier and it takes time to re build a network of people that you trust and enjoy working with. But I still have some shoots and I definitely still get the itch to shoot.

What is a big modeling goal you have you’d like to achieve before your career is over?
Big modeling goal… To get a pictorial in an international Playboy. And to keep getting printed in fitness magazines.

We talk diet a lot online! Having done the paleo diet for months now, what are your thoughts? Who is the ideal candidate for paleo, what are the advantages, and brag about your results!
I love the Paleo diet [Paleolithic diet]! It’s not for everyone but I recommend trying it at least for 30 days. I feel better, I have more energy, I sleep better… Ever since I was a kid I’ve had stomach aches — at 14 I found out I was lactose intollerent. But I would still get stomach aches even when cutting out dairy. So, years later, after reading three books on the Paleo diet, it made sense that I might have a gluten allergy. After I did the full Paleo for 30 days and I felt better I decided to keep eating Paleo. It’s not easy at first. I learned I had an addiction to bread. The cravings are the worst but they go away eventually.You really start to enjoy cooking good healthy foods from the earth. You find yourself fuller longer and you find ways to make your favorite non-Paleo dish — lasagna, for example — into a Paleo dish by making the lasagna noodles out of zucchini instead of pasta. I didn’t necessarily lose weight from this diet but I did lose inches, especially around the waist area, and I just generally feel better.

What is your sex and relationship advice?
My advice about sex and love is to keep it simple but exciting. Surprise her every now and then, send her flowers, light some candles and romance her a bit. Be open and honest and don’t be afraid to ask if she wants to try something new.

Where can we keep up with you online?
Twitter: @giannamazzon